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Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Estimated Expenses for 2018-2019

  • Full-time is 12 or more credit hours per semester.
  • Full-time per year consists of fall and spring semesters.
  • All charges may be subject to change after publication.


  Residing with Parent
Not Residing with Parent
Residing on Campus
(must be full-time)
Non-Resident Residing on Campus
(must be full-time)
International Student Information
Tuition $4,752 $4,752 $4,752 $9,504
Fees $672 $672 $672 $672
Room $1,100* $9,150 $9,150 $9,150
Board $1,500* $4,476* $4,476* $4,476*
Books $1,500* $1,500* $1,500* $1,500*
Transportation $1,350* $1,350* $1,350* $1,350*
Miscellaneous $1,000* $1,000* $1,000* $1,000*
(per year)
$11,874 $22,900 $22,900 $27,652

*These are estimated expenses based on full-time enrollment (that could be more or less than the projected amounts listed) that are not billed. They are provided only as a tool to assist students in estimating their total cost of attendance per year.

Fees (Non-Refundable)

Name of Fee Charge
Alumni Fee $10.00 (per semester)*
Student Comprehensive Fee $15.00 (per credit)*
Technology Fee $13.00 (per credit)*
Nursing ATI Materials Fee $350.00 (per semester)**
Nursing Program Fee $250.00 (per semester)**
Fitness Usage $30.00
Fitness Screening (one-time fee) $15.00

*Charged to all students
**Charged to all students enrolled in online classes

Explanation of Fees

  • The Alumni fee is an optional fee that supports the College Alumni Association. Alumni services include; scholarships and the alumni newsletter. The Alumni Office thanks you for your support.
  • The Student Comprehensive Fee is a mandatory fee that covers student resource, health service, orientation, commencement and I.D. card. It is used to support student government activities. All student clubs, organizations, newspaper and campus events are funded from this fee. Payment of the fee enables an individual to join any of the organizations or attend any of the events sponsored by the student government.
  • The Technology fee is a mandatory fee that provides Blackboard, updated computer labs and online library resources
  • The Nursing Program and ATI fee are mandatory fees for all nursing students. It covers the additional costs of running the nursing program.
  • The Fitness Usage fee is an option fee for students who would like to use the fitness center. Please contact the fitness center for hours of operation.
  • The Fitness Center Screening fee is a one-time fee for students opting to join the fitness center.

Additional Fees

  • Residence Hall and International Health insurance: $1,655
  • Non Credit Course Fee: Variable ($10-$250)
  • Document/Check Replacement Fee: $5 per copy
  • Transcript Fee: $8 per copy
  • Health Transcript Fee: $5 per copy
  • Facsimile Fee (Official Documents): $5 per occurrence
  • Processing Fee, Directed Study: $5 per course
  • Credit By Examination Fee: $15 per credit hour
  • College-Level Examination Program: $20 per exam
  • Returned Check Fee: $20 per check
  • Parking Fines: variable ($10-$100)
  • Computer Lab Fee (Community Members): $40 per semester
  • Course Lab/Materials Fee: variable ($5-$50)
  • Military Credit Inventory
    • Application/Evaluation Fee: $125
    • Credit Inventory Update Fee: $35
  • Diploma (replacement) Fee: $30
  • Identification Card (replacement) Fee: $25