SUNY Jefferson

Campus Map Transcript

Get ready to take a stroll around campus! As you enter campus from Coffeen Street on Campus Drive, on the left is Parking Lot A for faculty and staff. On the right is East Hall (building 14) and Parking Lot F.  An intersection on the right to Rand Drive can be found here. Rand Drive will lead you off campus as it directly connects with Coffeen Street.  Continuing straight on Campus Drive, it changes to Cannoneer Loop as you circle around the entire campus.  Next, on the left is the Deans Collaborative Learning Center (building 15). Directly behind (on the inner part of campus) is the Gregor building (building 5) and the campus quad (which is the middle of campus and where the clock tower is located).  Back on the main road, past the Deans Collaborative Learning Center (building 15) is Parking Lot B, handicap accessible parking. The Jules Center (building 6) main entrance is connected to Lot B.  Across from Lot B on the right is Parking Lots C and V and D. Parking Lot V is for short term visitors. Just pass lot V, on the left is again the Jules Center (building 6) connected to the McVean Student Center (building 4) with a joint entrance.  The next set of doors will bring you to the McVean Student Center (building 4) gymnasium entrance. Just pass this entrance on the right hand side as you head towards the backside of campus, on the right is the College’s athletic fields located next to Interstate 81. Our soccer and softball fields are located here. Continuing around the back of campus you will find the next building on the left is Health and Wellness Center (building 17) followed by the Dulles Building (building 3), then the Extended Learning Center (building E). Parking Lot E is on the right. Across from the Extended Learning Center is the Child Care Center (building 8). Just pass this building on the left is Guthrie Building (building 2). Next to the Guthrie Building is the Lansing Building (building 1).  At the end of this road loop, a visitor would make a right hand turn and it would back out to the main entrance to campus.

Accessible public parking is available in all parking lots closest to the campus buildings. Also, there are many blue light emergency phones located around campus and in the parking lots.