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Strategic Planning

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With faculty, staff and students leading the way, Jefferson Community College embarked upon a year-long strategic planning journey in September of 2018.  Alumni, community members, supporters, educational partners and workforce development leaders actively engaged in the planning process to map Jefferson’s future. All in all, more than 500 constituents took part in this journey and their work has culminated in Jefferson’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025.  

At the very start, the core Strategic Planning Committee committed to leading a strategic planning process that was inclusive, transparent, forward-thinking and data-informed. From countless hours spent in brainstorming sessions, workshops and focus groups, and conducting survey analysis, we accomplished the following:

  • Workgroups comprised of faculty and staff conducted Environmental Scans of internal and external issues and trends that impact the higher education landscape locally and nationally
  • Students, faculty and staff collaborated on defining an ideal Student Experience
  • The Board of Trustees, with input from faculty and staff, redefined the College’s Mission and Vision
  • Community members came to campus for an energizing and thought provoking Future Summit which featured noted speakers on key issues and trends affecting Jefferson Community College and the North Country community
  • Faculty and staff worked together to identify our collective Institutional Values that will guide our work and are inherent in our campus culture

Our efforts produced four key strategies, numerous objectives and multiple action plans that form Jefferson’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025.  This plan provides both the foundation and the roadmap to fulfilling our mission, transforming the lives of our students, and serving the needs of our community well into the future. 

Thank you to the Strategic Planning Committee and members of the campus and North Country communities who generously gave their time to join us on this journey and who made valuable contributions to this monumental effort.

  • Jefferson President Ty Stone talking with SUNY Potsdam President Kristin Esterberg.
  • Jefferson nursing student practicing in the College’s nursing lab.
  • John W. Deans Collaborative Learning Center on Jefferson’s campus.
  • Two Jefferson students studying at a picnic table on the Campus Quad.

Key Strategies

In support of the mission and reflecting campus and community input, the following strategies were identified as the foundation of Strategic Plan 2020-2025.  The strategies aim to fulfill the College mission, align with the College’s vision and promise to deliver a transformational student experience. Each strategies has several measurable objectives with timeframes and numerous action items designed to achieve the various objectives.


Create educational and career pathways that meet the needs of students and the community.

Strengthen partnerships with K-12 schools, universities, and employers to enhance program excellence, drive economic development, and ensure regional prosperity.

Design and implement an inclusive student experience that advances equitable outcomes, purposefully integrates diversity, and prepares students to be successful and responsible global citizens.

Secure financial sustainability through organizational efficiencies, best practices, and innovative initiatives.

About CampusWorks

Jefferson Community College engaged with strategic planning consultant, CampusWorks Inc.  For twenty years, CampusWorks Inc. has been an industry leader in providing advisory services to higher education institutions, including a vast array of community and technical colleges.  At the core of CampusWorks is the belief that student success should be at the heart of every decision, thus they begin each client relationship on a listening tour of organization constituents to uncover the obstacles and challenges impeding student success. This collaborative approach, which is rooted in "systems thinking," creates a shared understanding of the project's strategic objectives and results in solutions that have institution-wide buy in and impact.