SUNY Jefferson


To View Unofficial Transcript

  1. Log into SOAR (Student Online Access to Records).
  2. Enter Student Services.
  3. Type your student ID number (J#)  and PIN. Be prepared to change your PIN immediately.
  4. At the top menu, click Student Records.
  5. Click Unofficial Transcript.

To Order Official Transcripts Online

For the most expedient service (3–5 days processing time), order your JCC transcript online through Credentials Inc. Transcripts Plus.

Jefferson Community College is no longer accepting transcript orders via fax. We have also discontinued the option to deliver transcripts via fax.

  1. Please click on the following link to order your Official SUNY Jefferson Community College Academic Transcript:  Transcript Ordering Overview
  2. Insert debit or credit card number for payment of $8.00 per transcript.
  3. Submit order.

Please click on the following link to check on the status of your transcript order- You will need your transcript request order number (the link will direct you to Credentials Inc. to the Transcript order Follow-up Screen):  Credentials Self-ServicePlus™ Order Sign-In

No transcript will be released if you have any outstanding financial obligations to the college or if any restrictive holds have been placed on your student records.

Standard Fees and Delivery Choices

Please note Jefferson Community College no longer sends transcripts via Fax.

  • Official Transcripts: $8.00 each for regular First Class mail, electronic transmission (PDF), or for pick up
  • Domestic Federal Express to main 48 states $25.00 per recipient
  • Domestic Federal Express to Alaska or Hawaii $32.00 per recipient
  • International Federal Express $55.00 per recipient

Electronic Transcript Certificate of Authenticity

Jefferson Community College, located in Watertown, NY has appointed Credentials Inc. as the designated agent for processing and sending official electronic transcripts on behalf of Jefferson Community College. The PDF transcript that is produced using this service contains the identical information as the printed transcript and can be certified as unaltered by uploading the file to the company’s website that is provided during the delivery process. Credentials Inc. has been granted the authority to deliver all such electronic transcript requests on behalf of Jefferson Community College and respond to any inquiries regarding the transactions.

Right to Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records. View your rights under FERPA and download a Privacy Request Form