SUNY Jefferson

Health & Wellness

If you require urgent medical attention, call your health care provider
or 9-1-1 

You’re off to college, and may need to think about your own health care issues you hadn’t considered before.  Jefferson offers health & wellness services that support and promote the physical and mental health and wellness of our diverse student body.

Below are some things you need when coming to Jefferson.

Immunization Requirements

You must  have your proof of immunization form completed before you start college.  Every college requires this.  Official proof of two required MMR’s may be just an Internet search for your last school phone number and a quick call to their health office.  Don’t wait until the last minute!  Schools might not have your records. If you don’t have this on file within 30 days you’ll be excluded from college.  Call us for help if needed.

Immunization Form

Health Insurance

Required for residence hall students, recommended for everyone else.  Visit our Insurance page for health insurance options.  A Health Insurance Navigator will be available on move-in day for res hall  students, and by appointment thereafter, to help un-insured students and those with out-of-area health plans to apply for an affordable, or free, NYS health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Card

So, you’re really sick and need to go to the local Urgent Care.  Do you have a Health Insurance card?  Remember to get one of your own - you’ll need it to seek medical care and to get prescriptions filled. 

We care, we even have a CARES team (Concern, Attention, Respect for Every Student)

Everyone struggles sometimes with school, work, family, finances, and more.  As a College we are committed to helping those who need it - it's what we do to help you succeed.  One tool we have is our CARES team - a group of dedicated faculty and staff that can help any student in their time of need.  Whether we make a referral to an on or off campus resource, we will follow-up and make sure you have been helped. 

Our goals are to:

  • Provide outreach, support and initiate appropriate interventions to students in distress;
  • Develop strategies to assist struggling students utilize campus, community and family resources;
  • Improve student success.

If you are ever in need or feel one of your fellow students needs assistance, please contact a faculty or staff member for assistance or complete the Reporting an Incident form.


Ask Alice

Have an embarrassing question or curious about a health topic?  Go Ask Alice!
A cool resource to ask all of your health questions.



Health and Wellness Center, building 17
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
(315) 786-2376
(315) 786-2382 (fax)