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Tuition & Fees

Jefferson provides a great tuition value, but we know college is always a major investment. We’ve estimated tuition, fees, and living expenses to provide a basic picture of college costs.

Every situation is different, so use our net price calculator for another view and contact financial aid for advice on loans, grants, scholarships, and more. Financial aid can be used to pay for most of your college costs, including tuition and fees, room and board, books, and some other expenses.

See the following scenarios for an approximate idea of what studying full-time (at least 12 credit hours per semester, spring and fall semesters) at Jefferson might cost. If you're a New York Resident, you'll need to complete a County Residency Form (otherwise, you'll be charged non-resident tuition). Please contact financial aid office for this form.

Remember to consider other costs such as room, board, books and tuition. See more info below. 

Local and living at home

For students from the Jefferson area, living at home with parents can reduce expenses, particularly for housing and meals:

Tuition: $5,160 ($215 per credit hour) & Fees (see more info below): $672
= $5,832 Actual Cost BEFORE Financial Aid (annually)

New York residents living OFF campus

Estimated costs for students from New York living on their own, not with a parent:

Tuition: $5,160 ($215 per credit hour) & Fees (see more info below): $672 & Room & Board $12,090
= $17,922 Actual Cost BEFORE Financial Aid (annually)

New York residents living ON campus

Full-time students have the option of living in Jefferson’s modern, all-suite residence hall:

Tuition: $5,160 ($215 per credit hour) & Fees (see more info below): $672 & Room & Board $12,090
= $17,922 Actual Cost BEFORE Financial Aid (annually)


Out-of-NYS residents living on campus

Tuition: $5,160 ($215 per credit hour) & Fees (see more info below): $672 & Room & Board $12,090
= $17,922 Actual Cost BEFORE Financial Aid (annually)

Other Costs to Consider

Mandatory fees will appear on your bill along with tuition and any additional fees or charges:

  • Student Comprehensive Fee: $15 per credit hour1,2
  • Student Comprehensive Fee (Summer/Winter): $4 per credit hour
  • Technology Fee: $13 per credit hour1
  • Nursing Program Fee: $250 per semester for nursing students
  • Nursing ATI Materials Fee: $400 per semester for nursing students
  • Fire Protection 105 Course Fee: $150 per certification for students enrolled in this course
  • Fire Protection 205 Course Fee: $50 per certification for students enrolled in this course

1Charged to all students
2Not applicable for extension site courses; (fees included: student resource, commencement, new student services, and identification card)

Explanation of Fees

  • The Student Comprehensive Fee is a mandatory fee that covers student resource, health service, orientation, commencement and I.D. card. It is used to support student government activities. All student clubs, organizations, newspaper and campus events are funded from this fee. Payment of the fee enables an individual to join any of the organizations or attend any of the events sponsored by the student government.
  • The Technology fee is a mandatory fee that provides Blackboard, updated computer labs and online library resources
  • The Nursing Program and ATI fee are mandatory fees for all nursing students. It covers the additional costs of running the nursing program.

You’ll only pay these fees if you use any of the services listed:

  • International Health Fee: $1,966.28 (USD) for 12 months of coverage
  • Document/Check Replacement Fee: $5 per copy
  • Official Transcript Fee: $8 per copy
  • Health Transcript Fee:  $5 per occurrence
  • Fax Fee (official documents): $5 per occurrence
  • Processing Fee, Directed Study: $5 per course
  • Credit by Examination Fee: $15 per credit hour
  • College-Level Examination Fee: $20 per exam
  • Returned Check Fee: $20 per check
  • Parking Fines: $10-100
  • Computer Lab Fee: $40 per semester for community members
  • Course Lab/Materials Fee: $5-50
  • Diploma (replacement) Fee: $30
  • Identification Card (replacement) Fee: $25
  • Alumni Fee (optional): $10 per semester
  • Military Credit Inventory Application/Evaluation Fee: $200
  • Military Credit Inventory Update Fee: $50
  • Military Credit Inventory Official Transcript Fee: $8


Net price calculator

Estimate direct and indirect costs of studying at Jefferson once you factor in potential financial aid. Use the net price calculator.

Pay your bill

Find options for paying bills, setting up a payment plan, or seeking a tuition refund.


Military students

Active-duty service members and their families qualify for New York resident tuition and can apply for New York Tuition Assistance Program grants.

International students

Review admission processes, finance requirements, and other information for international students.