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Applied Business Studies AOS

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Program Highlights

  • Program Type: Career
  • Delivery: On-campus
  • Personal Interests: Business and entrepreneurship
  • Skill Building: Business and management skills, communication, and problem solving
  • Career Options: Business ownership, technical skills and trades
  • Program Code: HEGIS 5001

The Business Studies Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree program is designed to allow students with pre-existing skills and/or credit to supplement those skills and prepare them for a variety of positions in business, management or entrepreneurship. The program is unique in that a student can transfer up to 20 credits hours of prior learning experience including professional elective credits earned during military service and beyond. The remainder of the program includes a variety of liberal arts and science courses, technology and business course to provide a solid business foundation. This degree is appropriate for students who are exiting the military, technical trade schools, information technology or vocational education who already possess the hard skills to start a business yet, need a business foundation to make their business successful.

Prepare for your future in business

As a graduate with an Applied Business Studies A.O.S. degree you will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the variety of businesses and the kind of opportunities currently available to you.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing techniques that can be used to promote your business.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of managing business finances along with the tools of business financial operations.
  • Demonstrate the four functions of management and the importance within the context of the business.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic accounting procedures as they pertain to the business.

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Go beyond your associate's

This degree is intended to be a terminal degree program; however, transfer is possible to trade-oriented universities such as a B.B.A. in Business at Alfred State University or B.B.A. in Management at SUNY Canton.


Degree requirements for Applied Business Studies A.O.S.

Effective Fall 2020

Accounting and Business Requirements (33 credit hours)
Accounting and Business Requirements (33 credit hours) Credit Hours
ACC 100: Office Accounting or
ACC 101: Accounting Principles 1
BUS 104: Personal Finance 3
BUS 112: Introduction to Business 3
BUS 121: Business Financial Operations 3
BUS 124: Marketing 3
BUS 127: Management Communications 3
BUS 131: Principles of Management 3
BUS 150: Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
BUS 152: Legal Issues for Small Businesses 3
BUS 230: Customer Service Relations 3
BUS 241: Principles of Selling 3
Liberal Arts Requirements (9 credit hours)
Liberal Arts Requirements (9 credit hours) Credit Hours
BUS 116: Applied Business Math or
MTH 125: Intermediate Algebra or higher
ENG 100: College Composition or 
ENG 101: Research and Composition or Higher
STA 151: Public Speaking or 
STA 161: Interpersonal Communications
Elective Requirements (20 credit hours)
Elective Requirements (20 credit hours) Credit Hours
Business or PLC/PRO/PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) Electives1 20

Total Credit Hours 62


Advising Notes:
Advising Notes:  
1Students can either transfer credits in or have the option of choosing the following Business or related electives: PLA (Prior Learning Assessment), PLC (Prior Learning Credit), PRO 000 (Professional Elective Credit), ACC, BUS, CUL, ECO, HOS, HRM, OFC, CIS.


Program Contacts

Irene Wilder

Assistant Professor of Business
(315) 786-2378

Dawn Robinson

Assistant Professor of Business and Business Department Chair
(315) 786-2486