SUNY Jefferson

Business Administration AS/BS

Program Type: Transfer, jointly registered to bachelor's degree with SUNY Potsdam
Delivery Method: On-campus  (associate's and bachelor's degree)
Personal Interests: Business, entrepreneurship, management
Skill Development: Leadership, problem-solving, technology, marketing
Career Options: Management, marketing, finance, human resources
Program Code: HEGIS 5004

An associate's degree directly to a bachelor's - all on Jefferson's campus

It has never been easier to earn an associate's degree and bachelor's degree right in Watertown.  This jointly registered program makes it seamless for you.  You will earn a Business Administration A.S. from Jefferson and then proceed directly to SUNY Potsdam Business Administration B.S. degree - and if you don't want to travel to Potsdam, all courses can be completed on Jefferson's campus and online. 

This program offers:

  • Joint advisement from Jefferson and Potsdam staff to ensure your success
  • Real-world applications and skills in the business industry
  • Cross registration of classes between both colleges to get the classes you need, when you need them
  • Savings on general education and core business classes at Jefferson, plus savings on travel to complete your bachelor's degree
  • Preparation for success in your business career
  • Networking opportunities with local business professionals
  • No transfer application needed to SUNY Potsdam
  • Early registration for Potsdam classes

Want to know more? Contact Jefferson's admissions or Potsdam's admissions teams.

Learn to lead and make effective decisions

Graduating with a Business Administration A.S. degree you will:

  • Effectively utilize the technology essential for business applications
  • Locate, evaluate, analyze and apply information to make effective business decisions
  • Understand the four functions of management
  • Successfully meet 7 of the 10 SUNY General Education Requirement categories

Working in business is rewarding and dynamic

Are you ready to manage a variety of functions in small or large businesses?  A Business Administration degree is the right path.

Typical positions for graduates from this program include: marketing manager, human resource specialist, operations manager, business analyst, or general professional manager/supervisor. The program is also excellent preparation for pursuing a career as a stock/bond broker or financial manager.

"My experience transferring from JCC to SUNY Potsdam was amazing. At first I thought it was going to take a long time and be difficult, but it actually happened to be a really smooth process."Rachael M., Alumna
Business Administration

Degree requirements for Business Administration A.S./B.S.

Business/Liberal Arts Requirements (18 credit hours)

BUS 112: Introduction to Business 
BUS 124: Marketing 
BUS 131: Principles of Management 
BUS 211: Business Law 1 
Business or Liberal Arts Elective1 
Business or Liberal Arts Elective

Accounting Requirements (8 credit hours)

ACC 101: Accounting Principles 1 
ACC 102: Accounting Principles 2 

Economics Requirements (6 credit hours)

ECO 101: Macroeconomics 
ECO 102: Microeconomics 

Math and Science Requirements (13 credit hours)

MTH 144: Elementary Statistics or MTH 174: Mathematical Probability and Statistics 1
MTH 155: Algebra, Functions, & Modeling or MTH 165: College Algebra and Trigonometry or MTH 185: Precalculus or higher
Lab Science Elective 
Science Elective 

English Requirements (6 credit hours)

ENG 101: Research and Composition 
ENG 102: Composition and Literature 

Humanities Requirements (6 credit hours)

Humanities Elective
Humanities Elective

History Requirements (3 credit hours)

History Elective

Free Elective (2 credit hours)

Physical Education Requirements (2 Credit Hours)

Total 64 credit hours

1 Students should take a  course in the areas of The Arts or Foreign Language or Music in the SUNY General Education Requirements Course List.
2Recommended as STA 101 or STA 151.
3Any course that fulfills the areas of The Arts or Foreign Language in the SUNY General Education Requirements Course List.
4Any course in the areas of American History or Western Civilization in the SUNY General Education Requirements Course List. (Note: Currently, Potsdam will not accept any Jefferson course listed under Other World Civilizations to fill the General Education requirements.)

NOTE: If you have zero (0) to two (2) years of foreign language background, you should delay taking foreign language courses until matriculated at SUNY Potsdam. If  you enter the program with three (3) high school foreign language classes you will enter into the 122 level course and will continue onto 200 level. If you have completed four (4) years of high school foreign language you have fulfilled this requirement. 

Program contact

Dawn Robinson
Assistant Professor of Business
(315) 786-2486

Application and Admissions Information
Enrollment Services
Jules Center, building 6, suite 6-010
(315) 786-2437 or toll free 1-888-435-6522