Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp
SUNY Jefferson
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Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp

Web developer analyzing web code

There is a high demand for individuals with programming and web designing skillsets, with the estimated U.S. market size for this industry being $40.8 billion.

What You Will learn

  • Build a fully functioning database-driven website from the ground up
  • Use modern JavaScript libraries to make single-page web applications
  • Build a secure user authentication system and to manage user data

How You Will Benefit

  • Build a functional website to add to your developer portfolio
  • Join existing development teams as front-end or back-end developers
    Support non-web-based software built with Python
  • After learning several different programming languages, you will be able to pick up new programming languages more easily if they have a need (or interest)
  • Because they will have learned SQL, you will be able to run reports against a major database

Cost: $4,275

Federal Financial Aid is not available for non-credit programs.