Hospitality & Tourism Program Guidelines
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Hospitality & Tourism Program Guidelines

Core Requirements

The Hospitality and Tourism program incorporates hands-on training into many of its courses. Students must be ready and able to perform, to a professional standard, tasks that would be expected of a hospitality industry professional. This is particularly true for courses where you work in teams and interact with the public in either a classroom setting or an internship site. These training opportunities often cannot be replicated outside of the scheduled class time and you must participate to gain the knowledge, skills and a passing grade.

All Hospitality and Tourism students must demonstrate the ability to acquire the skills and knowledge required for successful completion of courses in which they are enrolled and must meet psycho-motor, intellectual, and general skill requirements appropriate for the course in which they are enrolled.

Section 1: Psychomotor

Applicant must have sufficient physical capabilities, manual dexterity and visual acuity to accomplish the following:

  • Use knives to pare, slice and dice fruits and vegetables and produce and fabricate proteins
  • Use other kitchen tools to manipulate ingredients
    Visually assess the appearance of a food item to determine whether it is cooked and plated properly
  • Taste items and distinguish flavors
  • Stand for 4 hours at a time without sitting
  • Be able to move and lift pots, pans and other items weighing up to 30 lbs.
  • Be able to walk, stoop, and bend while lifting items weighing up to 30 lbs.

Section 2: Intellectual

Applicant must have sufficient intellectual capabilities to perform the following tasks:

  • Process verbal and written instructions
  • Communicate both verbally and non-verbally
  • Multiply or divide quantities in recipes as instructed
  • Be able to multi-task (execute multiple tasks simultaneously)
  • Be able to read the warning labels on kitchen equipment and adhere to instructions
  • Perform basic mathematical operations
  • Think both creatively and analytically to complete required assignments and projects

Section 3: General

Applicant must additionally have the capability to do the following:

  • Work collaboratively with many different students in both small and/or large groups as part of a team in a professional manner.*
  • Take direction well from authority*
  • Accept criticism from authority and peers*
  • Handle a diverse array of personality types, often in close quarters, in an artistic environment
  • Be in the presence of sharp instruments, knives, and equipment that may be construed as dangerous
  • Be alert to one’s own food allergies, personal preference or prohibition to certain foods
  • Be able to cook with alcohol and be in the presence of an abundance of alcohol and people consuming alcohol
  • Perform mathematical operations as required for purchasing and cost control and finance and accounting modules

If for any reason, you cannot meet these requirements, please speak with your instructor, or speak with the Hospitality and Tourism Program Department Chair. It will be necessary for you to develop an alternative plan.


Program contact

Shaunna Arnold
Associate Professor
(315) 786-2345

Dawn Robinson
Hospitality and Tourism Department Chair
(315) 786-2486

*In accordance with the Jefferson Community College Student Code Conduct.