Major Skills for Entering College
SUNY Jefferson
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Major Skills for Entering College

Major Skills Needed by all Students Entering College

Classroom Preparation

  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Note taking skills
  • Adequate study habits/ test taking skills
  • Being prepared for class
  • Importance of homework
    • writing name/date correctly on paper
    • organizing work (use of folders, etc.)
    • neatness of work
    • turning work in on time
  • Classroom etiquette
    • stay in seat
    • raise hand/ don’t interrupt
    • stay in the room
  • Importance of being on time for class

Necessary Social Skills

  • How to interact appropriately with teachers/mentors/other students
  • How to introduce yourself to someone
  • How to let someone know you like them (dating etiquette)
  • How to interact with people in social situations
  • Dealing effectively with peer pressure (drinking, drugs, and sexuality)
  • How to deal appropriately with rejection
  • Ability to use the telephone effectively
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills

Living Independently for the First Time

  • Structure of environment (or lack of structure ) – more choices, more freedoms
  • Transportation to and from campus, job, internships
  • Ability to use leisure time effectively
  • How to locate the help and assistance needed
  • Adequate knowledge of medical needs in regard to medication and health problems and being able to articulate these needs to others
    • Basic independent living skills – money management, survival cooking, laundry, shopping