Key Factors in Student Success
SUNY Jefferson
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Key Factors in Student Success

Here are some key factors that are a must if you want to be successful:
  • Level of Interest
  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Self-Direction
  • Self-Advocacy Skills
  • Knowledge About Self
  • Academic Abilities
  • Acquiring Information About College Programs and Services
  • Utilizing Appropriate Resources for Support

IN ORDER TO SUCCEED in postsecondary education, you need to know yourself and be prepared in the following ways:

  • Understand and be able to describe their strengths and capabilities
  • Understand their disabilities and the accommodations they need
  • Develop academic and career goals
  • Practice using accommodations and devices that help them learn and succeed
  • Develop and use effective strategies for studying, test preparation, and time management
  • Collect and maintain a file of current school records and disability documentation information

NEW COLLEGE STUDENTS MUST do the following to receive services and accommodations:

  • Identify yourself as a student with disabilities to the Learning Specialist
  • Provide the required disability documentation (link to eligibility page) before class begins
  • Must have up to date testing with Adult Norm Testing after the age 16.5
  • Request services each semester
  • Comply with the college’s student code of conduct
  • Complete any follow-up activities required by the campus to ensure services

PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT to grasp is that you need all the same competencies as any college student PLUS whatever special skills or strategies are needed to cope with your disability. It is better to start acquiring skills in an environment you know well (i.e., high school) rather than wait until you arrive on the college campus. Starting college when you are comfortable with yourself and your academic skills, and knowing your accommodative needs can make the difference between success and failure.