JCC Annual Awards 2020
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JCC Annual Awards 2020

Published: May 29, 2020

It is a tradition at Jefferson Community College (JCC) to recognize students, faculty and staff in April for their excellence and achievements at the College’s Annual Awards Ceremony. Awards are conferred by the JCC Liberal Arts Division; Mathematics/Science, Technology and Health Division; Workforce Development and Business Division; and campus wide departments. This year, the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Award recipients are listed below. Those with (#) following their names received more than one award. Jefferson’s art club received the Outstanding Club of the Year award.

Glen Decker - Outstanding Student Government Assembly Member
Amanda Harvey - Outstanding Childhood Education Student Award
Theresa Pratt - Outstanding Accounting Student A.S. Award

Alexandria Bay
Lindsey M. Bradley - Looseleaf Law Certificate of Recognition

Williams Moore - Outstanding Chemical Dependency Student Award

Marcelino Avelar - Outstanding Honors Student
Daniel Sloat - Outstanding Fire Protection Student Award

Karla L. Hoistion - Outstanding Human Services Student Award

Janeen C. Gomez - Outstanding Criminal Justice Student Award

Lukas Sullivan - Outstanding Business Student A.S. Award
Sarah M. Wilder (#) - Outstanding Business Student A.S. Potsdam Award and SUNY Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence

Brooke A. Mahon - Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award

Evans Mills
Ashley B. Fischer - Outstanding Accounting Student A.A.S. Award

Fort Drum
Amanda M. Crofutt - Outstanding Early Childhood Student Award
Marcos Cruz - Outstanding C-STEP Student Award

Alicia R. Shepard - Outstanding Agri-Business Student
Claire Zumbach - Outstanding Natural Sciences/Physical Science Student Award

David Hennigan - Outstanding Mathematics Student Award

Stephanie G. Eriacho - Outstanding Physical Education Student Award
Ty VanAlstyne - Outstanding Music Student Award

Isaiah A. Matteson - Outstanding Engineering Student Award
Rebekah E. Widrick (#) - Phi Theta Kappa All-NY Academic Team Award and SUNY Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence

Natural Bridge
Sarah B. Graham - Outstanding C-STEP Student Award

New York
Kelvin Reyes - Outstanding First-Year Student in EMSL Award

Maddison M. Sochia - Outstanding Hospitality & Tourism Student Award

Cara Aguirre - Phi Theta Kappa All-NY Academic Team Award

Gregg Bentz - Outstanding Business Student A.A.S. Award
Chelsea N. Coss - Outstanding Graduating Student in EMSL Award
LaNelda D. Lundgren - Outstanding Office Technologies A.A.S. Award
Jacob L. Maloney - Outstanding Liberal Arts Student Award
Jahna C. Mott - Outstanding Psychology Student Award
Mara N. Sutton - Outstanding Art Student Award
Joseph A. Wargo - Outstanding Sports Management A.S.
Alexandra M. Woodruff - Outstanding Natural Sciences/Allied Health & Biological Sciences Student

Hailey A. Gamble - Outstanding Zoo Technology Student Award


Ontario Petawawa, Canada
Madison S. Fleming - David R. Reid Outstanding English Student Award

Faculty / Staff honorees are:

Outstanding Club Advisor of the Year:
Christine Pristash, Sackets Harbor, JCC Theater Club

PTK Outstanding Full-time Faculty Member of the Year Award:
Todd C. Vincent, Adams Center, Professor of Biology

PTK Outstanding Part-time Faculty Member of the Year Award:
Rhonda M. Foote, Watertown, English Adjunct Instructor

PTK Outstanding Staff Award:
Kimberlee M. Mattraw, Chaumont, Hospitality Training Facility Manager




Story by:

Pamela Dixon

Additional Information:

Public Relations Department, Jefferson Community College, (315) 786-2392, Email Public Relations