Fall 2018 Graduates
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Fall 2018 Graduates

Published: December 12, 2018

Jefferson Community College will hold its fall commencement ceremony on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the McVean Center Gymnasium. As of December 12, 2018 Jefferson will award 231 degrees and/or certificates to 226 students. Below is a list of students who are December 2018 candidates for graduation. Those with (#) following their names will be receiving two diplomas and/or certificates (CERT).

Associate Degree Recipients

Janetta Brown - A.S. Early Childhood
Alyssa Ann Crandall - A.A.S. Nursing
Dean Russell Dyer - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Donel Ryan Hagelin - A.A.S. Business Administration
James Kenner Harvey, IV - A.S. Criminal Justice
James Sean Illingworth - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Tracey Elizabeth Leighton - A.S. Human Services
Casey C. Smith - A.S. Business Administration

Adams Center
Ryan Patrick Haynes - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Cayla M. Ross - A.A.S. Nursing

Alexandria Bay
Karoline Marie Nelson - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology

Bailey Marie Decker - A.A. Individual Studies
Edward T. Montgomery - A.S. Human Services

Beaver Falls
Kathryn E. Olmstead - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jamie Lee Pate - A.A.S. Computer Information Technology

Black River
Kendra Leigh Kehoe - A.S. Individual Studies
Joel Francisco Santos (#) - A.S. Engineering Science and A.S. Mathematics
John Edward Schumaker, III - A.A.S. Fire Protection Technology
Christine Marie Tripp-Baker - A.S. Early Childhood

Savannah Wilson - A.A.S. Individual Studies

Haley Helen Saiff - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Jezelle Andrea Brooks - A.A.S. Nursing
Johneshia Shelaine Davis - A.A.S. Nursing
Kyle P. Fuller - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kati L. Kiser - A.A.S. Nursing
Jeffrey Shaw Martin - A.S. Criminal Justice
Shirin McLaughlin - A.A.S. Nursing

Alexandria Rae Bellinger - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant Management

James Patrick Burke - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Breanna Griffith - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jessica Ann Harris - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Kerrigan Brooke Head - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Caitlin Elizabeth Houppert - A.S. Business Administration
Marissa R. Martino - A.S. Business Administration
Christian Josef McCarty - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant Management
Deanna Lyn O'Neil - A.S. Business Administration
Kelsey Jean Reed - A.S. Business Administration
Amber L. Roscoe - A.A.S. Office Technologies - Medical
Sheila Marie Runkles - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism, Culinary Arts
Miranda Taylor Santos - A.A.S. Nursing
Cassidy Nicole Tomaich - A.S. Individual Studies

Christine Elizabeth David - A.A.S. Paramedic

Sydney Ann Aubertine - A.S. Business Administration
Sarah Marie Schornagel - A.S. Business Administration
Colton Dennis Spies - A.S. Criminal Justice

Cassandra Susan Goutermout - A.A.S. Paralegal
Tyler J. Luffman (#) - A.S. Criminal Justice and A.S. Individual Studies
Jennifer Grace Shattuck - A.S. Business Administration
Samantha Renee Snyder - A.S. Business Administration

Katherine Lynn Biondolillo - A.A.S. Nursing

Brionna Gabriel Ball - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology
Ashley Marie Mattice - A.A.S. Nursing
Kerstain Marie Rieves - A.S. Criminal Justice
Morgan M. Sholette - A.S. Business Administration
Alison Rae Tarwater - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Nathan Matthew Young - A.S. Individual Studies

Evans Mills
Timothy A. Collins - A.A.S. Paralegal
Nicholas Curtis Rich - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Literature
Caitlyn Skye Sanders - A.S. Accounting
Christopher Robin Sanders - A.S. Physical Education
Marrissa Margaret Slate - A.A. Childhood Education

Felts Mills
Erik Joe Stevens - A.S. Mathematics and Science, Allied Health

Fort Drum
Krystal Nicole Agney - A.S. Individual Studies
Sara Jessica Alicie - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
April Renee Anderson - A.S. Mathematics and Science - Science
Jaimielynn Boone Braden - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative Writing
Cali Anna Cobb - A.S. Early Childhood
Faith Gabrielle Cobb - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Shaylee Allana Collins - A.S. Mathematics and Science, Science
Tahi Fatoumata Fofana - A.S. Individual Studies
Mariah Lynn Gilligan - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Clayton Graham Jones - A.S. Business Administration
Kelsea Nicole Libby - A.S. Individual Studies
Paula Claire Lugo - A.S. Individual Studies
Commador N. McGee - A.S. Individual Studies
Ruth Esther Ramirez - A.A.S. Nursing
Isabella Ryan Rogge - A.S. Mathematics and Science, Allied Health
Amy Linda Turner - A.A.S. Office Technologies, Medical
JohnArthur Boone White - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Mallory Mae Harter - A.A.S. Business Administration
Taylor Marie Wells - A.S. Individual Studies

Glen Park
Colette Herrera - A.A.S. Nursing
Tyler Jacob Korb - A.S. Criminal Justice

Bondeana Victoria LaMont - A.A. Childhood Education

Brianna Logan Tracey - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency

Cortney Jane Crowl - A.A. Childhood Education

Georgiana Lynn Baker - A.A.S. Nursing
Alivia Madison Hall - A.S. Business Administration
Katherina M. Kobylanski - A.S. Mathematics and Science, Allied Health
Nathan Andrew Weaver - A.S. Individual Studies

Colleen Marie Bellinger - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Tony Allen Cook - A.A.S. Agri-Business

Tyler J. Ayen - A.S. Criminal Justice
Jennifer Lynn Courneya - A.S. Individual Studies
Alicia Marie Dewey - A.S. Accounting

Nichole Jane Deaner - A.S. Human Services

Sarah Raine Farney - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Tyler Amos Widrick - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Lyons Falls
McKayla Rose West - A.A. Individual Studies

Amanda Michelle Zerphey - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Ethan Michael Bartosek - A.S. Mathematics and Science, Allied Health
Harrison Main Dineen - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Christian Matthew Grabowski - A.A.S. Business Administration

Niagara Falls
Khasmir Breyonsjha Williams - A.S. Criminal Justice

Dylan Robert Jock - A.S. Individual Studies
Susan Elizabeth Morrow - A.A.S. Nursing
Shanice Jasmine Wallace - A.S. Business Administration

Hahle Elizabeth Keller - A.A.S. Paralegal

Danielle Ann Brancatella - A.S. Individual Studies
Daniel James Hutchison - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Taylor Madeline Montroy - A.A.S. Business Administration
Sherri Terralle Pratt - A.A.S. Individual Studies

Cole D. Lage - A.S. Physical Education

Emmalee Klare Bulluck - A.S. Individual Studies
Linda S. Burns - A.S. Individual Studies
Carla M.G. Soules - A.A.S. Paralegal

Lanie Elizabeth McCauley - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Harley E. Wood - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology

Becky Lynn Cronk - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative Writing
Hayley Marie Kimball-Denny - A.S. Human Services

Monica Ann Hosley - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology
Stephanie Jean Nadelen - A.S. Individual Studies

Vanessa R. Krutz - A.A. Psychology

Sackets Harbor
Brenda L. Bockus - A.A.S. Business Administration
Danielle Marie Intschert - A.A.S. Paramedic
Skyllar M. Morris - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Jennifer E. Van Ness - A.S. Human Services

Staten Island
Amanda Sclafani - A.S. Individual Studies

Courtney Paige Ellis - A.A.S. Nursing

Cara Aguirre - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism, Winery Management and Marketing
Joni Marie Cullen - A.A. Childhood Education
Rachel Anne Filkins - A.S. Individual Studies
Billie Deann Janis - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Rebecca Lynn Monica - A.S. Mathematics
Ronald Phillips, Jr. - A.A.S. Computer Information Technology

Three Mile Bay
Emily Ella Ennis - A.A.S. Agri-Business

Priscilla Makaya Acheampong - A.A.S. Nursing
Kelly Lynn Augustus - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Mathew Rudolph Bachmeyer - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Daniel Robert Boone - A.S. Business Administration
Brittney Taylor Campbell - A.A.S. Nursing
Angel Melonie Castellanos Day - A.S. Human Services
Michael Alexander Chapman - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology
Noah Floyd Harold Chapman - A.A. Individual Studies
Mackenzie R. Clearo - A.S. Individual Studies
Aliyah Corbett - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Gisela Elizabeth Cornejo - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism, Culinary Arts
Joshua Tyler Daily - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Deanna Rae Decker - A.S. Individual Studies
Natalie Sue Dick - A.A.S. Nursing
Kendol R. Dove - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Mary Evans - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Suzanne Marie Evans - A.A.S. Nursing
Hunter Michael Foley - A.S. Criminal Justice
Lee Walter Frostad - A.S. Business Administration
Paula Jean Fugate - A.S. Early Childhood
Shasta Marie Fults (#) - A.S. Individual Studies and Cert. Teaching Assistant
Melody Quincinas Gilbert - A.A.S. Nursing
Nicole Catherine Gilbert - A.S. Early Childhood
Nathaniel Robert Greene - A.S. Mathematics and Science, Allied Health
Hannah Catherine Guyette - A.A.S. Nursing
Roman E. Hall - A.S. Business Administration
Michael John Hanley, Jr. - A.S. Individual Studies
Skyler Payton Hanrahan - A.A. Childhood Education
Stefanie Lynn Hanson - A.S. Business Administration
Jonathan David Holmes - A.S. Business Administration
Melinda Kampnich - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology
Grace Morgan King - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Eric Brown Klementowski - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Kalyn Marie Kowalski (#) - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency and A.S. Human Services
Emily Ann Lasswell - A.S. Criminal Justice
Andrea Marie Lettiere - A.A. Individual Studies
Meghan L'Huillier - A.S. Business Administration
Rebecca Lynn Lovely - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Genesis M.P. Lugo-Ramirez - A.S. Criminal Justice
Tiffanny Lynn Lutzen - A.S. Business Administration
Erin-Mackenzie McClary - A.S. Criminal Justice
Jonathan Leigh McIlroy - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Angel Luis Medina - A.S. Human Services
Roy Jermaine Miller - A.S. Business Administration
Dylan Mitchell - A.S. Business Administration
Kia Maria Morgia-Horning - A.S. Business Administration
Brandon Noble - A.S. Sports Management
Antonio Enrique Palacios - A.S. Individual Studies
Jazline Ambur Ramirez - A.A.S. Business Administration
Amie Lenore Rittenberry - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Betsy L. Rivers - A.S. Individual Studies
Jack Thomas Sears - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Elizabeth Marie Anne Sligar - A.A.S. Nursing
Deanna Marie Sofia - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Mercedes Stauring - A.S. Individual Studies
Katherine Lynn Swearingen - A.A.S. Business Administration
Tyrek Surrell Taper-Smith - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Psychology
Kelsey L. Tibbles - A.A. Childhood Education
Aslin Nicole Torres - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Natalie Vallance - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Vanessa Elizabeth Vallance - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Jonathon C. Wheeler - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Niya Marie Williams - A.A.S. Paralegal
Ashley Anne Witherell (#) - A.S. Criminal Justice and A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jessica Marie Woodruff - A.A.S. Individual Studies

Wellesley Island
Peter Arnold Hager, II - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative Writing


Fort Wainwright, Alaska
Darnel Jonathan McGuire -  A.S. Individual Studies

Tolland, Connecticut
Eric Sidney Kloehn - A.A.S. Nursing

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Alejandro Da Huamani-Polanco - A.S. Individual Studies

Fort Knox, Kentucky
Matthew Robert Jenkins - A.A.S. Individual Studies

Lowell, Massachusetts
Mary E. Reape - A.A. Individual Studies

Battle Creek, Michigan
Trevor Ryan Dyer - A.S. Individual Studies

Hope Mills, North Carolina
Jacob Allen Covey - A.S. Business Administration

Reno, Nevada
Daniel Justin Scott - A.S. Individual Studies

Grand Prairie, Texas
Kris Ledunn Christopher - A.A.S. Individual Studies

San Antonio, Texas
Jennifer Nicole Pacheco - A.S. Individual Studies

Gretna, Virginia
Nori M. Petty - A.A.S. Individual Studies

Leavenworth, Washington
Andres Alberto Dominguez Ramos - A.A.S. Individual Studies


Rizyl Mendez Nuezca - A.S. Individual Studies

Certificate Recipients

Matthew Earl Clark  - Energy Technology

Alexandria Bay
Meghan Anne Getman - Hospitality and Tourism

Nicole Rae Watson - Fire Protection Technology

Black River
Eun Sun Cho - Office Studies

Evans Mills
Tamara Elizabeth Chapman - Teaching Assistant
Austin Joseph Faulk - Fire Protection Technology

Diana C. Sharpe - Accounting

Timothy Robert Farrell, Jr. - Paramedic

April Lynn Daniell - Paramedic

Michaela Murphy - Winery Management and Marketing

Sonja E. Rowell - Accounting