Time to Let Go
SUNY Jefferson
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Time to Let Go

Margot C. Jacoby
Time to Let Go

I pull this dress from the spare
closet to add to the pile of sundries
for Good Will
you know the rule—after no use in two years
you won’t wear it
this dress has been hanging for more than thirty…
Why can’t I let go of some things?
Because of the scents that conjure
up memories? Most are musky and bittersweet
like this dress my mother purchased for me,
I think from Saks, not my league but hers.
A spatter of gold, red, and green rhinestones sparkling
in a sea of soft black velvet. I wore it to a New Year’s Eve
               dinner hosted
by my generous mother. My husband and I were reconciled
but he decided not to go at the last minute
again breaking
my heart. He stayed home with our young children and lied
to them about where I was going.
This dress has got to go, worn
only once, maybe it will bring
joy and laughter
and better memories for someone