Broken Mind
SUNY Jefferson
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Broken Mind

Makayla Keister
Broken Mind

Into my mind it stole,
A passenger of terrible deeds.
I cannot be freed from it.
It eats me from the inside out every
Single waking moment,
And even in my subconscious mind it dwells.

It rips the life from me more and more, and
I feel helpless and even hopeless in the
Embodiment of it.
I cannot make it go away.
No one understands. I am only part of a
Whole that was ripped to pieces long ago.

Anguish and suffering taunt my mind forever.
It cannot be concealed.
It now bubbles to the surface, crushing what
Is left of me beneath the weight of its power.

No one will listen to me or help me get rid of it,
And so it grows and it grows without limitations,
And I drift further away from even the false
Pretenses of happiness that I can still see.

There is nothing real in this world.
Everything is fake and even what I believe
To be true and pure is nothing more than
The biggest mockery of all.

My mind is crumbling.
The crimson color of anger has destroyed me.
There is nothing left inside this empty vessel
Of a heart that I had once called my own,
And even now it floods in more,
Drowning me in emptiness,
And yet even more pain.

Suffering is not always a physical state, but
An inescapable mental state that can
Single handedly destroy everything in its path.