You’re Still My Favorite Book
SUNY Jefferson
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You’re Still My Favorite Book

Jenna Ponte
You’re Still My Favorite Book

Even with the books under one leg,
the old Formica table shakes as we set down a drink or put out
        a cigarette.
We’re quiet as we read with a backdrop of traffic from the
        front of the house.
For hours we smoke and read,
occasionally getting up to fill or empty ourselves,
comfortable in our mutual silence.
We did this for about a year so long ago,
and it’s still a safe place for me,
being inside but out,
together but in separate worlds,
joined by cigarette smoke and ink on paper.
Nearly fifteen years since this place in time,
we’re still together but not,
even less words spoken now.
From best friend to sister,
from wife to mother,
you’re still the book beneath me that keeps me stable,
the story that is my escape,
the nicotine that calms my mind.