Things I’ve Lost
SUNY Jefferson
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Things I’ve Lost

Things I’ve Lost 

            My second favorite pair of sunglasses, in the backseat of my uncle’s rental car in the summer of 2017. The first (and only) locket I ever owned, somewhere on my grandmother’s lawn. A Hannah Montana glow in the dark bracelet, supposedly in my neighbor’s backyard, though it was later found under my bed at home. The backs to my earrings, on multiple occasions. A copy of 1984 from the city library in 2016. One of the seven dollar bills in my pocket somewhere in Tops while shopping with my grandfather, around age 9.
            My mom, in Kmart, just after Christmas when I was 12, right before we were supposed to go see a movie. My grandma, suddenly and expectedly, on the first Tuesday of February 2019, after over a year spent in Hospice. My father, one Sunday in October 2014, in the blink of an eye. My best friend, on several occasions. Captain Morgan, the beloved family cat, somewhere around age 7. Storm, the cat I loved so dearly, surrendered to the SPCA at the beginning of 9th grade.
            My belief that America is the best country to live in, sometime in high school when I started paying more attention to current events. Faith in the government, as they’ve stood by time and time again while children are shot in schools, doing nothing to prevent it.
            My VHS copy of my favorite childhood movie, Oliver & Company, sometime around age 6. The only black Barbie doll I ever had, around age 7, an altogether very upsetting experience. My car, in just about every parking lot I’ve ever parked in. A black long sleeve shirt that I desperately needed to wear, which was found 3 days later in the backseat of my car.