2020: Year of Panic
SUNY Jefferson
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2020: Year of Panic

Margot C. Jacoby

It was new to most of us,
to the world. Total confusion, but we have a plan
and a plan B, and they kept changing...
We were sent home to create a new office at home,
"Take whatever you may need
we may be out of the office for a while."
Stock up, but don't hoard
essentials while non-essentials become
a priority. Words like mitigation, CDC guidelines
and mixed messages fill
our TV screens with press conferences and breaking news.
what to do and not do
while zooming. Online classes and meetings
teaching teachers and parents how to navigate
lessons and information in our changed world.
More time at home learning
to be creative at play
cooking most meals at home, let's grill
again! Streaming TV shows, movies, and church
music to fill our weary souls deprived of live
concerts, events, reunions, and rites
of passages.
By the end of spring, or by the summer it will
be better, fall was worse with missing loved ones
during the holidays. Now almost a year
later there's hope
with vaccinations and in a few years, herd-immunity
this virus and its variants are here to stay.