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Zoe Turtura

What you have shown me.
Awakening with new stories
I now recognize the growth within me
Soft smells, delicate ribbons
Strong waves riding the tides
Because life is important
You have shown me hobbies that I cannot live without
Taking one fast car at a time
You have shown me that you will stay standing at the finish line
Waking up to your lips
DIscomfort is no longer a thing,
Personal space is the future we long for
The rocketship you promised we'd make
Passing stars everyday,
Mommy said those are what I am made of
You are the planets that came together to hold me up
You have shown me how to accept perfect as an illusion
You have shown me how to see small things as my everything
And if time were to run out from the gravitation loosening grips
Our togetherness is not something I would regret
Because you have shown me how to disspitate my fears
I promise I am not scared anymore.
But what you have shown me the most that I will never forget
Is that I was worth loving
And boy am I falling,
And that is okay.