An Excerpt From the Personal Writings of Eleos and Dice
SUNY Jefferson
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An Excerpt From the Personal Writings of Eleos and Dice

Malachi Ray Adkins

The less popular                                                                                     The less popular
   Notion.                                                                                               Notion?
       No one seeks                                                                            Quite simply,
           me.                                                                                     She doesn't know
             not for their fathers.                                                 the natural order of the world.
              The cliche I read in those books                             It is only right
                 "I will seek justice for my father's passing!"                    
                    It often saddens me
                       Knowing so many ignore me
                            and my benevolent teachings.
                                No matter,
                                    I show them compassion
                                              Despite the fact they deserve none,
                   That the one          "Eli, Eli, lemasabachthani?"
          who makes the world        I think that's what one of them said
        run smoothly                          as they received no justice
      gets the Praise                            because,
     I've always                                        while I may be beautiful
    so,                                                           and I may be merciful
rightfully                                                         They prefer their gods
deserved                                                                                          blind.