Fighting Chalk Dragons
SUNY Jefferson
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Fighting Chalk Dragons

Cynthia Lonsbary

A hot, damp August afternoon, a bucket of chalk and a black
With a few quick strokes, a red and purple dragon looms,
its dusty roar rending the stillness of the dull, sticky day.

The mighty wizard rises, ready to face the foe and cloaked in resolve.
Fountains of cold droplets spray from her magic wand,
Splash! Just like that, the fearsome dragon’s snarling head dissolves!

Woosh! The powerful body and vicious claws trickle away down the
The wizard laughs in victory watching the colors swirl,
She may be little, but she is the mightiest wizard alive!

The foe is defeated, and stillness returns to the hot August afternoon.
The girl who battles chalk dragons drips with water and giggles.
She smiles as she heads inside, thinking she should do this again… soon.