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Zoe Turtura

Started out with a baby face
Blue eyes seem to be the catch
Brown has only gotten my attention once
But I haven’t gone back since then
Your picture was always my favorite
Friendly waves and loose jeans
I was too afraid to explain the way I felt about you
But your eyes felt like a hole would burn when I stared at the image
of you
There were mixed emotions and your new favorite color was green
But you were still kind and I was still shy
The excitement from seeing your humorous outlines
Drinking and I waited for you by the swings
I always knew you were my teenage dream
But happiness all leads back to one thing
You had completely changed
Long hair no more skateboards
And that girl you were with, I wanted to believe you weren’t only
Your frame had dimmed its light
I guess you got lost in the sea
Looking back,
We really grew up
You went down the wrong path while I built my road up
Scarred with the way your eyes lit up
A familiar pain when I hear a place fly over
A specific mark when I see pink in the sky
There is nothing in my brain more memorable than that night
But I would do it again, waiting for you at those swings
in the yearbook, your face is now missing