Map to My Heart
SUNY Jefferson
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Map to My Heart

Emma King

The treasure you are pursuing has been hunted by many a greedy sailor seeking only riches, so you will have to carefully adhere to the following guidelines to distinguish yourself from these men. The island will be paying close attention to your conduct.

Before you set sail, make sure to dress thoughtfully for your trip and maintain good hygiene the whole way.

Head for the Sea of Faith. Once there, locate an archipelago known as the Kindness Islands. It should be a smooth and uncomplicated journey for now, provided you remain in control of your ship and attitude.

Eventually, you’ll spot a rocky wind-worn island that the locals call “The Fortress.” Nobody has set foot here due to the jagged stones dotting the shallow water by the coastline. Legend has it they were put there to protect the fortune hidden on the island.

Be sure to get off your ship and into a rowboat well away from the island to avoid getting scuttled by those rocks. The humble and honest approach is best.

Don’t approach the sore until the time is right. This area is known to have sudden, unpredictable squalls. If you rush, you are likely to get smashed against the cliffs by the waves.

Once you’re on the beach, don’t simply tie up your rowboat. Bury it halfway, as the island doesn’t take kindly to lack of commitment.

Remember to appreciate the wildlife; it is unique to this island. Listen to the unusual birds; they have interesting things to say. Be gentle and take care not to accidentally step on the ants. They are doing their best.

Make your way to the lithic mountain towering on the west side. You will find a springy patch of grass with some roses at the base of the mountain. Pick only one and put it in your lapel. This island isn’t completely geared against you, even if it may appear to be. It has been waiting for you a long time.

Face the steep rock wall that forms the beginning of the mountain. Tell it your best joke. If the mountain is pleased, a portion of the wall will crumble, revealing a much easier surface to climb.

Scale the mountain. It may be exceedingly difficult at times, but don’t give up. Do you want this treasure or not? You’re almost there.

Pull yourself up onto the peak of the mountain. The wind up here thunders through the atmosphere as it wraps around you, so be careful not to fall. Reciprocate its embrace; it’s just excited to see you.

Sing a song. Serenade the island. Pour the truest parts of your soul into your music. If you have demonstrated respect and care on your journey, the wind will blow away a pit of sand a few paces from where you are standing.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Everything your heart desires—that missing piece of you—is inside the empty pit. Treat it like the most valuable treasure in the world, and you will be a merry man.