Student Experience Statement
SUNY Jefferson
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Student Experience Statement

Jefferson Community College aims to provide a quality education exemplified by an empowering and transformative student experience. That student experience is characterized by:

  • An academically challenging education that fosters intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, and lifelong learning;
  • Innovative teaching practices and an enriching curriculum emphasizing a balance between transfer- and career-focused education;
  • Flexible and accessible programs and services that promote equitable outcomes for all students; and
  • A sense of belonging created through inspiring and encouraging relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.

Jefferson Community College faculty, staff, and administration support this experience with:

  • A student-ready institution with clear pathways to meet students’ diverse goals, whether they be short-term credentials, a degree, or transfer opportunities;
  • Welcoming and personalized campus services that are easy to navigate and empower students, particularly in enrollment, financial aid, and academic advising;
  • A comprehensive orientation and first-year experience that provide all students with financial and information literacy and the ability to effectively use technology; and
  • A commitment to equity including an inclusive community that challenges students to grow beyond their comfort zones within a safe environment.