Academic Fresh Start Policy
SUNY Jefferson
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Academic Fresh Start Policy



Jefferson Community College recognizes that some students may begin college and receive poor grades. Often students stop attending and return many years later only to have grades from their academic history negatively impact their current academic status.  


  1. Any student having an absence from the College of three years or more and a cumulative GPA below 2.0 may apply for an Academic Fresh Start.

  2. No coursework prior to the date Academic Fresh Start becomes effective will impact the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).  Once Fresh Start is granted, the cumulative GPA will be reset to 0.00. 

  3. Students will receive credit toward graduation requirements for all coursework successfully completed prior to the granting of the Academic Fresh Start provided the grade is not a D.

  4. All prior coursework and grades will remain on the transcript to reflect an accurate academic history; however, courses taken only after the granting of Academic Fresh Start will constitute the new cumulative GPA. 

  5. Only one Academic Fresh Start will be granted during a student’s academic career at Jefferson. Once the Academic Fresh Start is established, it will not be reversed.

  6. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for overseeing this policy.


Revised May 2016 (#134-16)