Honors Program Policy
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Honors Program Policy


The Jefferson Community College Honors Program offers students with exceptional academic skills the opportunity to receive enriched instruction. Honors students work closely with faculty who challenge students with an enriched education in the pursuit of making good minds better.


Certain terms are used in this document with specific meanings, as defined in this section.

  1. The Honors Program is an academic program of study that allows students to go beyond the demands of traditional college coursework and explore areas of scholastic interest while nourishing their intellectual curiosity.
  2. An In-class Honors Option is a project completed in a course applicable to the student’s degree program. The In-class Honors Option is designed to enrich, rather than accelerate, the learning process.
  3. INT 250 Honors Seminar is an interdisciplinary honors course open only to Honors Program students.


  1. In order to apply to the Honors Program, all applicants must
    1. Fill out the Honors Program application.
    2. Meet the following admission criteria:
      1. New students must have a high school cumulative average of 88 or higher or SAT total score of 1250 or ACT composite score of 27.
      2. Continuing, returning or transfer students must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5 and at least 12 credits of college-level coursework.
  2. All students accepted into the Honors Program must
    1. Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.3.
        1. If a student’s GPA drops below 3.3, they are placed on Honors probation for one semester.
        2. After one semester of Honors probation, if the student is unable to maintain a GPA of 3.3, the student will be dismissed from the Honors Program.
    2. Remain active in the Honors Program. An Honors Program student who is inactive for 2 consecutive semesters will be dismissed from the Honors Program.
  3. Students dismissed from the Honors Program may reapply at any time after they meet the admission criteria of the Honors Program.
  4. Each In-class Honors Option must be
    1. Agreed to by the student and faculty member who is willing to work directly with the student to provide a unique and rewarding experience.
    2. Approved by the Honors Program Coordinator and the faculty member’s Associate Vice President.
  5. Any In-class Honors Option completed in a course will be given the Honors designation on the student’s official transcript.
  6. The Honors Program designation will be awarded to graduates who have
    1. Earned a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above;
    2. Successfully completed INT 250 Honors Seminar;
    3. Completed three (3) In-class Honors Options in college-level coursework approved by the Honors Coordinator;
    4. Presented the completed work of one In-class Honors Option at a College event or a community event approved by the Honors Coordinator.
  7. The Honors Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the Honors Program.
  8. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for overseeing this policy.

Res. 111-17, March 2017
REVISED: Res.158-23, June 2023