Inclement Weather Policy
SUNY Jefferson
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Inclement Weather Policy


Cancellation or Delay of Classes

Generally, scheduled classes will be held during inclement weather unless one or more of the following conditions exists:

  1. Hazardous driving conditions exist in the County that would cause a large percentage of the College student body to be absent.

  2. The College is unable to clear the drives and parking lots in time to accommodate normal requirements.

  3. Weather projections are such that it is likely (a) or (b) will occur prior to the end of the daily College schedule.

Announcement of Cancellation or Delay of Classes

The College President (or designee) will be responsible for cancellation and delay announcements over the local media in a timely fashion.

Cancellation or Delay of Morning Classes

When inclement weather causes a delay in the start of the morning class schedule, classes will commence with the 10:10 a.m. class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the 9:30 a.m. class on Tuesday and Thursday.

Details of class cancellation or delay or closing of campus will be available on the College’s Weatherline 786-6565 and on the College’s website. Please do not call the switchboard for information. Too many calls make it impossible to respond to emergency calls. As indicated above, delay or cancellation of classes will be announced over local media, and approval of absences may be obtained after a student returns to campus.

Class Make-up Requirements

Individual Class Cancellations

The College expects that classes cancelled on an individual basis because of faculty illness, faculty attending conferences, etc., as well as cancellation because of inclement weather, will be made up. Thus, any classes that are cancelled by an individual faculty member will be rescheduled by arrangement between that faculty member and the class.

Make-Up of Cancelled Classes

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will publish a schedule for make-up of classes cancelled due to inclement weather. In the event the make-up schedule necessitates utilization of days or times outside the published academic calendar, the College President, the President of the Faculty Association, the President of the Student Government Association, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees will be responsible for identifying the method of make-up.

Individual Student Absences

It is recognized that during inclement weather conditions some students may encounter localized hazardous driving conditions even though classes are being held as scheduled. Absences from class for this reason are legitimate and acceptable. Students will be held responsible for any work missed, as is the case for any other excused absence, and they are encouraged to consult with their instructors or their classmates as soon after their return to classes as possible in order to make up such work.

Closing of College Offices

When the College has indicated a delayed opening, administrative officers, professional services staff and support staff are expected to follow the delay schedule. Such absences are charged to IW (inclement weather) on hourly timesheets. Employees providing “critical” services are expected to be at work according to established procedure or to notify their supervisor of their inability to report to work.

If an unusual emergency exists, e.g. the ice storm of 1998, the Weatherline and College website will clearly state that the campus is closed.

During delayed openings and when the campus is officially closed, there will be no charge to employees for work time lost.

When the College is open, employees should use individual judgment regarding the driving conditions and any absences will be charged against vacation, comp time or accumulated overtime.

Revised Nov. 2008, Res. 182-08