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Account Policy



State and Federal regulations require the security of specific personal data used and stored by applications at Jefferson.  In addition, Institutional Technology is responsible for ensuring that the network and standard campus applications are secure, stable and usable by the campus community.  To ensure the appropriate use and security of Jefferson Community College information, equipment and applications, all Jefferson Community College faculty, staff and students shall be provided accounts to appropriate technology as determined by their job and role on campus. 


  1. Access to computer and electronic resources, including, but not limited to, office computers, computer classrooms, smart classrooms, the campus-wide network, email and the Internet is a privilege provided at the discretion of the College and as such may be revoked.

  2. At no time will generic guest accounts be created that cannot be linked back to a specific individual.

  3. Accounts will be removed (or disabled) when the individual has been separated from the College.

  4. All login accounts are for the exclusive use of the person for which the account was created.  That person is responsible for all use and misuse of each account assigned to him/her.

  5. The College provides separate access to the Internet through a wireless network.  Access to this network requires a valid Jefferson Community College account.  Users of the wireless network are responsible for their appropriate use and by their use agree to comply with all applicable policies, regulations and laws, as well as the acceptable use policies of affiliated networks and systems.

  6. The Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the President, or his/her designee, to develop and establish appropriate standards and procedures to implement and enforce this policy.


Resolution 128-12