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Software Policy



Use of software on computers is protected under United States and New York State copyright laws from the time of its creation. Institutional Technology (IT) maintains all College software and computer/AV equipment licensing and the “library” of licenses and media on which the software is stored.  Unless otherwise provided in the software license, duplication of copyrighted software is a violation of the local, state and federal laws and this policy.


  1. Computer software is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. The owner of a copyright holds the exclusive rights to the reproduction and distribution of his or her work.  Therefore, it is illegal to duplicate software or its documentation without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

  2. It is illegal for a user of the College’s computers to make a copy of any software purchased by the College for his or her personal use.

  3. All software installed on Jefferson Community College computers/equipment will be licensed to Jefferson Community College (Institutional Technology).

  4. The College explicitly prohibits the illegal copying of copyrighted computer software.  Violators will be held personally liable.

  5. The College assumes no responsibility for software that has not been approved and inventoried.
    The Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the President, or his/her designee, to develop and establish appropriate standards and procedures to implement and enforce this policy.


Software is defined as any computer application that requires installation onto a computer and/or any application that runs on a computer and that requires purchasing.  Examples of software include, but are not limited to, applications such as Microsoft Office, CD-ROM and DVD that run from a computer whether they are purchased by the College or come with a textbook, Internet based textbook supplements; Internet based applications subscribed to by the College, etc.  NOTE:  Although the Library databases are considered Internet-based applications, the Library maintains these licenses and contracts separately.

Media is defined as the physical product used to provide the software to the College.


Resolution 128-12