Motor Vehicle Regulations
SUNY Jefferson
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Motor Vehicle Regulations

The New York State Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws are in effect on the Jefferson Community College campus. Campus rules and regulations supplement the State Laws.

Speed Limit

The campus speed limit is posted and varies from 10 MPH to 20 MPH on campus roadways and parking lots.  Adherence to speed limits is enforceable by Watertown Police, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police. 


Driving and parking on campus are privileges granted by the President of the College and revocable by the President if prescribed rules and regulations are not followed.

The following parking rules apply:

  1. Students shall not park in those areas reserved to staff and visitors at any time. It is of particular importance that the visitors parking area be kept clear of vehicles.

  2. There shall be no parking in those areas designated as service and freight entrances.

  3. All traffic signs and markings located on the campus are to be followed.

  4. All vehicles will be parked within the marked spaces.

Enforcement Policy

  1. Tickets may be issued for violations of campus regulations.

  2. Offenders are subject to a fine of $25.00 or $50.00 for handicapped parking violations. Student violators may be subject to disciplinary action for repeated violations.

  3. Tickets must be presented at the Financial Services and Student Records Office within 5 working days with payment. In addition, a $2.00 late fee will be charged for failure to appear within the time limit.

  4. Students have the right to appeal tickets before the director of Campus Safety & Security and the V.P. for Administration and Finance, if necessary.