Physical Education
SUNY Jefferson
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Physical Education

Physical education course work is required of all students in most degree programs. Any student who, for medical or other valid reasons, believes he or she cannot participate in physical education should discuss this with the Director of Athletics/Physical Education. The Director’s recommendation regarding a waiver of physical education will be forwarded to the V.P. for Academic Affairs for final action.

Credit for Participation in an Intercollegiate Sport

Student athletes successfully completing an intercollegiate sport at Jefferson Community College shall receive one (1) credit toward the physical education graduation requirement for each athletic season. Only those student athletes whose names appear on the NJCAA eligibility form are eligible for consideration under these guidelines. The eligibility form serves as a “class roster” for registration purposes.

Students may not take a physical education activity course that duplicates the intercollegiate sport for which they received credit.

Guideline dates for reporting grades for those “Intercollegiate Athletic Participation Courses” would be exactly the same as any other course on this campus, that is, the date for “Final Grades Due” as it appears in the College Catalog. Only grades A, Y, W, or Z are used for these courses.