Statement of Student Development
SUNY Jefferson
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Statement of Student Development

It is Jefferson Community College's intent to promote student development through offering a wide array of campus programs, activities, and support services that encourage intellectual, emotional, social, personal, and cultural growth among its students. Students of Jefferson Community College will be afforded the following opportunities:

  • To enhance their self-image and sense of self-worth;

  • To enhance their interpersonal relationship skills;

  • To clarify and to act upon their values as individuals, as community members, and as global citizens;

  • To enhance life skills necessary to become positively integrated into a complex and dynamic society;

  • To develop their commitment to personal health and a wellness lifestyle;

  • To develop their intellectual and creative potential;

  • To develop positive career/life goals and the skills necessary to plan and pursue those goals;

  • To develop their ecological awareness and the ability to make informed choices with regard to environmental impact;

  • To develop their autonomy and to enhance their sense of personal responsibility.