Campus Survey Policy
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Campus Survey Policy


Jefferson Community College recognizes that survey research is an important and necessary process utilized for planning and evaluation.  This policy is designed to standardize the coordination and management of surveys on campus to ultimately reduce duplication of data collection efforts, to minimize survey fatigue of students and faculty, and to improve and maintain data collection efforts by the College.


  1. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness must be notified of all survey research of Jefferson Community College students, faculty, and staff during the planning stages and at least two weeks prior to the proposed start of the administration period. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will provide guidance and recommendations, assistance in the coordination and administration of the survey when appropriate. The following survey research efforts are not covered under this policy:
    1. Course evaluation surveys;
    2. Faculty survey research conducted for instructional purposes unless participants include faculty, staff, or students outside of one’s respective courses; and
    3. Course-level student survey research unless data collected is outside of respective courses.
  2. The College President or designee is responsible for granting final approval of the administration of all proposed survey research covered under this policy. When applicable, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will provide recommendations addressing:
    1. The suitability of the survey research data;
    2. Appropriate survey sampling design;
    3. Prioritization of survey research; and
    4. Scheduling and timeline of survey research.
  3. All authorized users of College’s data collection software must be members of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to preserve the confidentiality of the data obtained from survey research participants.
  4. The Associate Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives is responsible for overseeing this policy.



Approved:   Res. 129-21, May 2021