Transfer Credit Policy
SUNY Jefferson
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Transfer Credit Policy


Jefferson Community College recognizes academic learning through award of transfer
credit. The award of transfer credit is based upon the educational quality of the acquired
learning, the comparability of the content, scope, and rigor of the acquired learning to
coursework offered at Jefferson, and the appropriateness and applicability of the learning
experience to the program in which a student is matriculated.


Certain terms are used in this document with specific meanings, as defined in this

  1. A matriculated student is one who has been accepted by the Jefferson
    Community College Admissions Office and is enrolled in a degree or certificate
  2. The term microcredential is used to refer to a cluster of credit-bearing
    coursework ranging from 6 to 23 credit hours.
  3. Transfer credit is credit awarded for undergraduate college-level coursework
    completed at another institution of higher education and articulated on an official
    college transcript.


  1. Any matriculated student and any student enrolled in a microcredential is eligible
    for award of transfer credit.
  2. Courses for which transfer credit is awarded may not be repeated for credit.
  3. Students are responsible for ensuring all official transcripts with coursework to be
    considered for transfer credit must be on file at Jefferson Community College.
  4. Transfer courses are evaluated individually for course equivalencies using
    course descriptions and expected student learning outcomes.
  5. All courses successfully completed with a grade of 2.0/C or higher are eligible for
    transfer credit. Coursework with a Pass/Fail grade or designation are not eligible
    for transfer credit.
  6. Transfer credit is recorded on the official Jefferson Community College transcript.
  7. Coursework completed at all SUNY campuses with passing grades satisfy the
    SUNY General Education area or areas designated for the course.
  8. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for overseeing this policy.

Board of Trustees
Adopted: Res.117-23 (February 2023)