CompTIA Certification Training: A+, Network+, Security+
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CompTIA Certification Training: A+, Network+, Security+

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Begin your journey as an IT professional by preparing for the CompTIA A+ certification exams (220-1101 & 220-1102), the Network+ certification exam (N10-008), and the Security+ certification exam (SY0-601). This bundle will give you all the tools you need to succeed in the ever-growing field of IT and stand out to future employers.


Ready to become a certified CompTIA professional and take your career to the next level? Our training course aligns with the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certification exams, providing a comprehensive foundation to help you gain marketable and in-demand IT skills.

The vendor-neutral CompTIA A+ certification training offers a thorough overview of the basic concepts around multiple operating systems, enabling you to efficiently maintain, troubleshoot, and adapt to different technology platforms. The A+ certification course also covers network fundamentals, including networking concepts, protocols, and troubleshooting techniques. This knowledge will enable you to effectively manage network infrastructure, enhance connectivity, and contribute to efficient organizational communication.

Moving into the second portion of this bundled program, the CompTIA Network+ certification course will introduce you to the fundamental building blocks that form a modern network, such as hardware, topologies, and protocols, along with an introduction to the OSI model. You will learn important concepts in contemporary networking, including TCP/IP, Ethernet, wireless transmission, virtual networks, cloud computing, segmentation, security, performance optimization, and troubleshooting. You will also gain the skills to build a network from scratch and maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot, and manage an existing network.

Finally, the CompTIA Security+ certification course covers the essential knowledge and skills required to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks in modern IT environments. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and best practices in cybersecurity, including the latest trends and emerging threats. The Security+ credential is a widely recognized and well-respected certification in the IT industry that will validate your skills and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. This vendor-neutral certification course covers a broad range of security topics, including threat management, identity management, access control, cryptography, and network security.

Upon successful completion of the lessons and exercises in this bundled certification program, you will be well-prepared to take CompTIA's A+, Network+, and Security+ certification exams. You will receive an exam voucher for each certification exam, which covers the cost to sit for the certifying exams upon eligibility.

Price: $3,995.00

MyCAA funding may apply for qualified individuals. Traditional Army tuition assistance, GI Bill® funding and traditional college financial aid does not apply.

Federal Financial Aid is not available for non-credit programs.


There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. However, you should have basic knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems—for example, how to power up and log on to a machine, how to use a mouse and keyboard, and basic Microsoft Windows navigation skills.  

Certification Requirements:

  • CompTIA recommends all A+ exam applicants have up to 12 months of hands-on experience in the lab or field before taking the certification exam.  
  • CompTIA recommends the A+ Certification and a minimum of 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience working in a junior network administrator/network support technician job role to complete the Network+ certification exam.
  • CompTIA recommends at least 9 to 12 months of networking experience and two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus to take the Security+ certification exam.

Disclosure: In partnership with Jefferson Community College, this program will be fully delivered by Education To Go (Ed2Go).  Ed2Go is headquartered at P.O. Box 760, Temecula, CA 92593. There are no additional costs students are expected to incur as a result of enrolling in the educational program.