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Honors Program

Welcome to the Jefferson Honors Program!

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The Jefferson Community College Honors Program is a special opportunity for students who have achieved academic excellence.

Honors program students:

  • Are eligible for the Honors Program Scholarship through JCC
  • Receive additional support and advice from the Honors Coordinator when applying for scholarships
  • Work one-on-one with professors in their discipline on projects that help them on their degree and career tracks
  • Attend special workshops, seminars and field trips
  • Receive the Honors Graduate designation on their transcripts
  • Receive special recognition at graduation
  • Make friends with other motivated, high achieving students at JCC through the Honors Program community of learners

You may be eligible to apply to the Honors Program. To join Honors, all you need to do is fill out an application and meet the following guidelines:

For high school students new to the JCC community, you must satisfy at least one of the following:

  • A high school Regents cumulative average of 88 or higher
  • An SAT composite score of 1250 or higher
  • An ACT composite score of 27 or higher.

For returning JCC students and transfer students from other institutions:

  • A college GPA of 3.5 or higher with 12 credits

Applications are rolling, so you can apply at any time. However, if you are interested in doing an Honors Option in the current semester, you should try to have your application in by September 30th for the fall semester and February 28th for the spring semester.

Sound interesting? Apply to the Honors Program.

Students Currently Enrolled in the Honors Program

Students enrolled in the Honors Program need to be sure they complete the following before they graduate:

  • 9 credit hours of Honors Options (see below)
  • Honors Seminar INT 250 in a spring semester

Honors Program students must also maintain a 3.3 GPA. See the Honors Policy at the bottom of this webpage for more information.

Fill out the Honors Option form. Remember to complete this form before midterms!

If you’re having trouble completing either of the requirements above, please contact the Honors Coordinator, Dr. Josh Canale (jcanale@sunyjefferson.edu; (315) 777-9506).

Honors Options

An Honors Option is a special paper, video, demonstration, or project a student does with his or her professor to designate the course as an Honors course. These projects can be as complex or as simple as the student, the professor, and the Honors Coordinator agree to.

Honors options aren’t supposed to stress you out. Many students have trouble brainstorming a good Honors Option. Your Honors Coordinator can help you brainstorm a project that works with your courses and major.


Do you have questions about Honors? You can check out our frequently asked question list or contact the current Honors Coordinator Dr. Josh Canale by email - jcanale@sunyjefferson.edu or phone - (315) 777-9506.