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Free Summer Programs

Make Summer Count

The summer program goals are: 
  • To provide you with concentrated work in the areas of critical reading and analysis formal writing, optional Mathematics online practice
  • To enhance your transition into Jefferson life
  • To familiarize and connect you with available campus resources and support services
  • To provide you with academic, personal and career coaching

    And you will create lasting relationships with fellow students, faculty and staff.

We would love to hear from you! Call us at The Access and Opportunity Programs Department at 315-786-2288

FAQs for Summer Program

Course work and success workshops begin on July 10, 2023.

There are several options from which to choose. They are all free. Call 315-7862288 to discuss your options and select the one that will work for you.

We offer summer sessions that include instruction in writing, Mathematics, financial literacy, career and occupational direction, campus transitional information (the physical environment, the rules and regulations, etc.) and online tools such as your email and online learning portal.

The Mathematics option is done primarily online with opportunities for in person tutoring appointments. Again, let us help you select what program fits your need.

No. All content materials will be provided to you by the program staff.

This is primarily an enrichment program, your grades will not be transcripted nor will you receive credit for the session.  We will use your academic performance to determine academic support needs and create a fall plan for academic success. 

Let us help you select your program.