JCC Career Services Resumes An Evening of Etiquette and Networking
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JCC Career Services Resumes An Evening of Etiquette and Networking

Published: November 14, 2023

Jefferson Community College (JCC) Career Services held its Annual Evening of Etiquette and Networking on November 7, 2023 in the Walker Instructional Dining Room. Students from JCC opportunity programs Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP), TRIO Strategies to Achieve Results (STAR), and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) along with interns from the business, human services, early childhood education and addiction studies areas attended. 

The event featured a mocktail and buffet dinner and the opportunity for students to learn about proper protocol, customs and conduct befitting of social and professional settings as well as the application thereby. Moderating the seminar was St. Lawrence County native, Brittany Matott, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant and founder of Brittany Matott Seminars. "So many of us are not exposed to these practices until we need to use them and I applaud JCC for their commitment to life skills training for their students,” says Matott. “Etiquette and protocol isn't just about manners, it's about cultural competency, communication and above all, kindness to your fellow human being.” 

Career Services launched its inaugural etiquette seminar in 2017 and diligently recovered following a pandemic-induced hiatus between 2020-2022. Guest of honor, President Daniel J. Dupee, II says, “Some may assume that etiquette and networking skills evolve naturally, however there are many who have yet to experience a formal or professional setting to develop these social skills. JCC plays a vital role in preparing our students for all types of social environments, which aligns with Jefferson's core mission of "Empowering" students to be confident in their future endeavors.”

Michele P. Gefell, Director of Career Services at Jefferson, says, "Developing a strong foundation in fine dining and networking is not just about looking polished; it's about helping our students see the importance of professionalism and refining their interpersonal skills that will serve them well in their future careers. Employers are not only seeking individuals with technical expertise but also those who can communicate effectively, build relationships, and represent their organizations with self-confidence. By mastering these social graces, our students not only enhance their personal lives but also position themselves as valuable assets in today's competitive job market as well as members of the community.”

While not the typical focus of students during their time in college, Angelina C. Raulin, Watertown, CSTEP participant says, “I feel that events like this make a meaningful impact on students' lives as they teach us valuable lessons, help us to connect with fellow classmates and professionals, as well as provide us with fun memories.” Raulino is a humanities and social sciences major at Jefferson.

Image of Attendees
Back row: (l-r) Daniel J. Dupee, II, President, Brittany Matott, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant, and Michele P. Gefell, Director of Career Services

Front row: Braelynn Appleby (left) and Angelina C. Raulino, both of Watertown, JCC students



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Pamela Dixon

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Public Relations Department, Jefferson Community College, (315) 786-2392, Email Public Relations

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