List of Fall 2021 Graduates
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List of Fall 2021 Graduates

Published: January 11, 2022

Jefferson Community College Class of 2021 fall graduates who completed their degrees and/or certificates in December 2021 total 114 students with two students receiving two diplomas. Twenty graduates are members of JCC’s Tau Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa national honor society and one student graduated with JCC Honors Program designation. Fall graduates will have the opportunity to march in the College’s spring Commencement Ceremony to be held in May 2022. Enclosed is the list of graduates. Students with (#) following their names received two diplomas. 

Associate Degree and Certificate Recipients

Amelia Mae Lyon - A.S. Natural Sciences-Allied Health and Biological Sciences
Robbie Lee Myers - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism-Culinary Arts
Claire K. Tucker - A.A. Childhood Education                                 

Adams Center                            
Ashley Noel Chamberlain - A.A.S. Nursing
Alexandria Bay                          
Dylan O'Connor - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Claudia Jalaine Stone - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology                                     

Jared Lucas Bushaw - A.S. Physical Education
Kayleigh Anne Ronas - A.S. Individual Studies                                      

Black River                             
Cynthia Marie Hamilton - A.S. Human Services
Sara Lynn Soules - A.A.S. Nursing
Samantha Rose Thornthwaite - A.A.S. Business Administration                                     

Chelsea Marie Ortiz - A.A.S. Individual Studies                                   

Alyssa Cox - A.A.S. Nursing
Kaleb T. Gossiaux - A.S. Computer Science
Zachary Scott Grenier - A.S. Individual Studies
Brandy Dee Mallak - A.A.S. Nursing
Melissa Ann Montondo - A.S. Human Services
Cape Vincent                            
Ashlyn Leigh Eyles - A.S. Business Administration
Caitlyn Ashley Ainsworth - A.A.S. Nursing
Edwin Brown - A.S. Business Administration
Angel C. Edmondson - A.A.S. Nursing
Bethany Lynn Flynn - A.A.S. Business Administration
Brenden Jacobs - A.S. Individual Studies
Jaymee Lee Reynolds - A.A.S. Nursing
Cody James Schulz - A.S. Individual Studies
Heidi Marie Stewart - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Anitra Dinese Tull - A.S. Human Services                                      

Jillienne Rose Duell - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism-Hotel and Restaurant Management

Chase Mills                             
Taylor Brooke Allen - A.S. Natural Sciences-Allied Health and Biological Sciences                                        

Jillesa Gail Morrow - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology
Natasha Richardson - A.S. Human Services
Patricia Marie Wetterhahn - CERT Chemical Dependency
Josiah Kloster - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Liberty Odelia Hoffman - A.A.S. Zoo Technology
Kaitlyn Roome - A.A.S. Zoo Technology
Paige Katherine Schneider - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology

Kyra Mackenzie Daly - A.S. Natural Sciences-Allied Health and Biological Sciences
Ariana Michelle Lawlor - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology
Joseph Michael Machia - A.S. Criminal Justice
Hannah Elizabeth Reinhardt - A.S. Natural Sciences-Allied Health and Biological Sciences
Joshua Thomas Stowell - A.S. Criminal Justice
Chloe Marcela Ward - A.A.S. Business Administration
Noah Michael Weathers - A.A. Childhood Education
Autumn Marie Weaver - A.S. Early Childhood
Susanne M. Waninger - A.A.S. Individual Studies                                     

Evans Mills                             
Jessica Fricks - A.A.S. Nursing
Nia Jennings - A.S. Early Childhood
Kaylee Isabelle Johnson - A.S. Criminal Justice
Corey Xavieier McDonald - A.A.S. Business Administration
Victoria Ann Primus Cook - A.A.S. Nursing
Dylan Christopher Thomas - A.A.S. Nursing
Felts Mills                             
Sarah Kathleen Greene - A.A.S. Accounting
Fort Drum                               
Derrick Michael Braden - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Creative Writing
Sarah Jo Bango - A.S. Criminal Justice
Alexis G. Currier - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
James T. Liscum - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Ryan Scott Hyneman - A.S. Criminal Justice                                     

Jordan A. Flagg - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism-Hotel and Restaurant Management
Mason Cook - A.A. Individual Studies
Sarah Mary Johnson - A.A.S. Business Administration                                      

Collin C. Render - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Madeline River Stowell - A.A. Childhood Education
Macalla A. Artis - A.A.S. Office Technologies-Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Anne Mallette - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Lacey A. Seelman - A.A.S. Business Administration
Jalynne Maree Granger - A.A.S. Nursing
Natural Bridge                          
Brandon Freeman - A.A.S. Computer Information Technology
Katherine J. Claymore - A.A.S. Paralegal
Athena Patricia Green - A.A.S. Nursing
Madison Rose Bradshaw - A.S. Human Services
Adrian Ranieri - A.A.S. Business Administration
Brianna Hall - A.A. Childhood Education
Sackets Harbor                          
Jocelyn Rae Devine - A.S. Individual Studies
Garrett John David Frezzo - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology
Jesse Stevenson - A.A.S. Accounting
Kristin Anne Eggleston - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Corinne Michelle Koerick - A.A.S. Nursing
Angela Lee Ludlow - A.A.S. Business Administration
Jennifer Choi Silsby - CERT Hospitality and Tourism
Izabelle Kathryn Liendecker - A..S. Individual Studies                              

Stephen Lee Babcock, II - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology
Chanell Marie Bacon - A.A.S. Accounting
Samantha Ann Bearup - A.S. Business Administration
Peyton Nancea Amire Caldwell - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences-Psychology
Justyce Jerimiah Countryman - A.S. Individual Studies
Samantha M. Farone - A.S. Human Services
Sereenah Carmen George - A.A.S. Fire Protection Technology
Laura D. Guldin - A.S. Human Services
Olivia Elien Heiler - A.S. Business Administration
Christopher M. Hemeke - A.A.S. Nursing
Danielle Sarah Jensen - A.A.S. Nursing
Tyler Dwayne Johnston - A.S. Human Services
Nakiya T. Joseph - A.S. Natural Sciences-Allied Health and Biological Sciences
Kitana G. Kahue-Hoo - A.A.S. Nursing
Kristy Lynn Knight - A.A.S. Nursing
Zachary Isaac McNeely - A.S. Natural Sciences- Physical Science
Graceanne Simone Minnick - A.S. Business Administration
Sheena Ann Munoz - A.S. Human Services
Leah Nicole Rink (#) - A.A.S.  Accounting and A.S. Business Administration
Alicia Lee Soluri - A.A.S. Nursing
Randi Thames (#) - A.A.S. Accounting and A.S. Business Administration
Emily Michal Thompson - A.A.S. Nursing
David Yokogawa Tweedy - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences


Savannah, Georgia
Penelope Jocasta Arias-Barber - A.S. Natural Sciences-Allied Health and Biological Sciences                               

Fort Knox, Kentucky
Alexis Sierra Gilpatric - A.A. Childhood Education   

Detroit, Michigan
Wuraola Teniola Oduns - A.S. Individual Studies    

Mooresville, North Carolina
Elizabeth Darleen Kissman - A.S. Individual Studies         
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Sara J. Allen - A.A. Childhood Education   

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
Elena Katina Morris - A.A.S. Nursing                              

Piedmont, South Carolina
Kathrine Nadine Abling-Vecchetti - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Kempner, Texas
Courtney Anne Cowell - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences   

Fort Eustis, Virginia
Darcie Mae Collantes - A.S. Natural Sciences 

Springfield, Virginia
Shaun Thomas Johnston - A.S. Sports Management                                    


Melissa Lynn Maurer -  A.A.S. Individual Studies



Story by:

Pamela Dixon

Additional Information:

Public Relations Department, Jefferson Community College, (315) 786-2392, Email Public Relations

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