Fall 2023 Graduates
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Fall 2023 Graduates

Published: January 22, 2024

Jefferson Community College (JCC) honored fall graduates at a senior send-off on December 18, 2024. The class comprises 92 students earning associate degrees or certificates. Graduates have the opportunity to participate in the College’s Spring Commencement Exercise to be held on May 17, 2024. 

Fall 2023 Graduates

Jayden O'Hara Allison - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology
Michelle Lourdes Kellar - A.S. Business Administration
David Carl Lohrmann, Jr. - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Zachary Jon Neal - A.S. Business Administration
Charles Henry Rogers - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Emma Lynn Roy - A.O.S. Applied Business Studies                                   

Starla Reese Bates - A.A.S. Nursing
Sally A. Hoek - A.A.S. Nursing
Mackenzie Mae Carpenter - A.A.S. Zoo Technology                                     

Black River                             
Aynalem Sarah Bliss-Hosack - A.A.S.  Nursing
Mandy Parker - A.A.S. Nursing
Kristin Lee Williams - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Brier Hill                              
Alyvia Conner Crosby - Certificate Early Childhood                                      

Jamayah Delisha Campbell - A.S. Business Administration
Kevin Isaiah Gibbs - A.S. Business Administration

Sarah May Davis - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency                                       

Sita Poudel - A.A.S. Nursing                                      

Katherine Diane Draper - A.A.S. Nursing
Kassidy Marie Keefer - A.A. Childhood Education
Lee A. Moses - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences – Creative Writing
Dioseline Osorio - A.A.S. Nursing
Aubrey Elizabeth Stewart - A.O.S. Applied Business Studies
Dylan Elwood Thomas - A.A.S.  Fire Protection Technology                                      

Malana Maven Pominville - A.S. Business Administration
Christian Javier Ruiz-Bosch - A.A.S. Paralegal
Eva M. St. Croix - A.A. Childhood Education
Davi S. Harris - A.S. Human Services                                     

Clark Mills                             
Emily Elizabeth Burns - A.S. Sports Management                                       

Hannah Rae Knapp - A.A. Individual Studies
Tracy Lee McIntire - A.A.S. Nursing
Anna Marie Veres - A.A.S. Nursing
Jedediah Judson LaBrake - A.A.S. Zoo Technology                                       

Felicia Marie Thayer - A.S. Individual Studies                                       

Brooke M. Smykla - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences                                       

Morgan E. Moser - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology
Serena Elizabeth Beach - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Wyatt William Thomas - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences                                       

Jane M. Phelps - A.A.S. Nursing                                       

Evans Mills                             
Kacy Mata - A.A.S. Nursing
Brynn Nguyen - A.A.S. Nursing
Sierra Michelle Omlin - A.A. Childhood Education
Fort Drum                               
Kelsi Aidan Hawksworth - Certificate Accounting
Iesha Kadian Whyte - A.S. Health Care Management
Kayla G. Winnemore - A.A.S. Individual Studies                                       

Gregory Douglas Haggerty - A.S. Business Administration
Raven Dawn Winters - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kaemarie Alise Cox - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Olivia M. Cratsenberg - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Nevaeh Roberta Hutcheon - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kristi Lynn Mulalley - A.A.S. Nursing
Paige Elizabeth Thompson - A.A.S. Individual Studies                                       

Jacob R. Graves - A.S. Physical Education
Charlie Morgan Virkler - A.A. Childhood Education–Birth to Grade 6 
Loralei Cheyenne Deasy - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Christopher Carl Jones - A.S. Business Administration
Shane Adam Peterson - A.S. Criminal Justice
Sherri Terrell Pratt - A.S. Health Care Management
Katelin Marie Lillie - A.S. Individual Studies                                       

Addison K. Dana - A.S. Natural Sciences - Allied Health & Biological Sciences
Tina Marie Maguire - A.A.S. Nursing
Maggie Elizabeth Wilson - A.O.S. Applied Business Studies                                       

Sackets Harbor                          
Erika Jane Glenn - A.A.S. Nursing                                       

Andrea Lynn Wright - A.A.S. Nursing                                     

Mandalynn P. Atnip - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Alyssa Michelle Heath - A.A.S. Nursing
Denielle Allycia Hotchkiss - A.A.S. Nursing
Sadia Liset Jeffers - A.A.S. Paralegal
Karmjit Kaur - A.A.S. Nursing
Luke Paul Lagattuta - A.S. Natural Sciences - Physical Science
Noah A. Lepper - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Leah Anrose Pador Luce - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology
Ashton Roy Matthews - A.S. Business Administration
Rose M. Miller - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Hunter Andrew Moran - A.S. Individual Studies
Jordana C. Mosely - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology
Heather Lynn Oatridge - A.O.S. Applied Business Studies
Matthew Dane Olney - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Emily S. Parker - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences – Creative Writing
Brenden S. Persing - A.A.S. Zoo Technology
Dylan Thomas Rastley - A.A.S. Fire Protection Technology
Shane Matthew Rubyor - A.S. Criminal Justice
Ward Alvin Sampson, III - A.A.S. Accounting
Kimberly Jayne Vaughn - A.S. Human Services
Jennifer L. Vides - A.A.S. Nursing
Kayla Rose Wilson - A.S. Business Administration
Guy Sanford Terry - A.A.S. Zoo Technology                                       


Menifee, California                     
Danielle Christine Cruz - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Albany, Georgia                         
Taelea Brooks - A.A.S. Individual Studies                                     

El Paso, Texas                          
Leodegario Lopez, Jr. - A.A.S. Individual Studies                                      

Sherman, Texas                          
Monica Kelley Irizarry - A.S. Criminal Justice



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Pamela Dixon

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