Jefferson Community College Adopts Statement on Social Justice
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Jefferson Community College Adopts Statement on Social Justice

Jefferson Community College (JCC) Board of Trustees proposed the adoption of an official Statement on Social Justice at their monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. In Resolution 155-20, the Board unanimously passed a statement detailing the College’s commitment to promote equality and inclusion in all College practices. Board Chair Nathan P. Hunter stated, “As a Board, we felt it was important to reaffirm the work of our administration, faculty and staff, to embed diversity, equity and inclusion. In the classroom, across student life and within the campus culture, the administration strives to promote these values.”

In the statement, the Board of Trustees noted several initiatives already taking place on campus that support social justice and awareness, including educational series, town halls to discuss social issues, data evaluation to identify disparate treatment and cultural competence training. Board Vice-Chair Judith L. Gentner stated, “This statement speaks to JCC’s expectations and its commitment to our institutional values of inclusion, diversity, equity, social justice and anti-racism both in and outside the classroom. The values expressed are embedded in our mission and our strategic plan and this public statement proactively reinforces that message.”

The full statement can be viewed on the College website.


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Gillian Maitland

Director of Marketing and Communications,

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