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Q. Can I access my online or hybrid class using my tablet or phone?

A. Yes.  BrightSpace has an app called Pulse for iOS - iPhone and iPad (opens in a new window) and  Android and Google Play  (opens in a new window). 

The apps let you work on your online and hybrid courses using your mobile devices.  Trying to use your phone to take an entire online course may be difficult and some course functions may not work.  You will still want to make sure you have access to a computer.

Q. Are there examples of online classes I can see, so I know I will be able to complete the tasks?

A. We have several ways for you to see an example of an online course including a free Brightspace Orientation course and the ability to login to your courses during Preview Week.  

Q. Do classes have specific start and end dates?

A. Yes.  Whether online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes on campus or at our off-campus sites, all classes have specific start and end dates. To provide some flexibility, we have 4 week, 8 week and full semester (16 week) sessions.  Our Academic Calendar has information about beginning and end dates as well as registration dates and deadlines.   

Many online classes are available the week before the class starts during Preview Week, so you can learn how to navigate the class and become comfortable with the tasks that may be required.

Q. Can I earn my entire degree online?

JCC offers six degrees and three certificates fully online. 

Academic Advising can help you get started with your degree and registered for your courses.   

 Q. Are online classes self-paced?

A. Our online classes are not self-paced.  The classes start and end based on the College term and your instructor will have due dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.  just like face-to-face classes. 

Q. Will I ever have to physically come to JCC or any other location?

A. If you are taking classes at one of our extension sites, you will have to go to that location when the class meets.

If you are taking a hybrid class, then your instructor will let you know the dates your class will meet face-to-face.

If you are taking an online class, then in most cases you will not have to come to JCC or another location.  But, some online classes require proctored exams or exams taken under the supervision of a proctor.  If proctored exams are required, then you may have to come to JCC or another location to take the exam.  Check the Course Information in your course as soon as possible to see if your instructor requires proctored exams.  Ask your instructor about online proctoring using Respondus®.

Q. How do online and hybrid courses compare to face-to-face courses?

Comparison of online and hybrid courses to face-to-face courses

Onlineempty Face-to-Face Hybrid
“Class” time and study time are based on when it is convenient for you – as long as you meet the deadlines Classes meet on a weekly basis and attendance is mandatory (although your study and homework time outside of class time is flexible) classes meet face-to-face several times during the semester and the rest of the time is treated like an online class.
You communicate electronically to your instructor and classmates through your online class.  You submit work online. You talk to your instructor and classmates, both in class and outside of class.  You may submit your work in class (but some instructors use the online program to collect assignments and give quizzes and tests). You talk to your instructor and classmates both in class, outside of class and online. Most times you will submit work online.
No travel is required unless your instructor requires proctored exams. Travel is required.  You come to campus for all scheduled class meetings. Some travel is required for scheduled class meetings.

Q. Do I have to be online at a certain time every day?

A. For online classes and the online portion of hybrid classes, there are no requirements to be online at a certain time of day.  Your will have 24 hour a day access for the class semester. 

Some instructors may offer optional electronic sessions at defined times, such as online office hours, for those who can connect and ask questions and discuss content. 

Generally, you should log in to your course on a daily basis to see if any new announcements have been posted by your instructor or fellow classmates, check deadlines and complete assignments.  Your instructor will define specific participation requirements in the Course Information section of your course.

Q. What type of computer hardware/software do I need?

A. You will need a computer with Internet access.  You can learn more at Check your Technology. 

Q. Will I still need to buy the textbook(s) for the class?

A. Most of our classes require a textbook and some require additional course materials.  You can purchase these from our bookstore on campus or online (opens in a new window).

Q. How much does an online course cost?

A. The cost per credit hour for online, hybrid and face-to-face classes at JCC is the same, but students pay an additional per credit hour fee for online courses.

Q. How do I sign up to take a course at an off-campus site, online course or hybrid course?

A. To sign up for any course, follow our registration procedures (link).  If you have any questions our Academic Advising, advising@sunyjefferson.edu, (315) 786-2437 has people who can help.

Q. Who do I contact for help or if I have a question?

A. We recommend that you start with your instructor if you have questions. 

If you need help logging in, trying to access your course or completing a task in your course, you can also contact:

For questions about class availability or registering for class, you can contact:


Dr. Mark Streiff
Interim Associate Vice President Liberal Arts Division
(315) 786-6542


You can get more information about services such as tutoring, academic coaching or library assistance, on our academic support services.