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Some of our online and hybrid classes require proctored exams.  A proctor is a person who supervises an exam to make sure the exam is secure and the right person is taking it.  Ask your instructor about online proctoring using Respondus®.

For courses that do require a proctor, here are the official guidelines:

In the course of obtaining college credit, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which reflects positively on the College and on themselves and to follow all College policies and regulation, such as Academic Honesty.  You can find more information in JCC’s Code of Student Conduct

Student Guidelines

  1. The student must, during preview or first week of his/her online course, review the requirements for any proctored exams in the course and plan accordingly. If the student knows in advance that (s)he cannot meet the requirement, the (s)he should contact the instructor immediately.

  2. All Local* students need to contact the instructor to confirm/establish a time to take the exam with the instructor. This should be done prior to the instructor established deadlines.

  3. All students that are not Local* must have a proctor form** filled out. A proctor must be confirmed by the instructor prior to the established deadlines.

    The student must submit Proctor Approval Forms based on the instructor’s requirements

    NOTE:  Acceptable potential proctors include the following:

    Fulltime professional
    Librarian at a public library or a higher education institution
    Military, corporate or industrial education testing centers
    Ordained or certified clergy
    Military of the rank E-5 or higher for students in the military. In addition, the individual must be at least two ranks higher than the student.
    Other individuals may be eligible to be a proctor. Students should contact their instructor for more information.

  4. The instructor can deny a possible proctor if (s)he has a concern about the qualifications or integrity of the individual.

  5. Once the proctor is approved, the student must schedule the exam during the designated exam-taking time.

  6. The student takes the exam on the scheduled day and at the scheduled time and signs the Proctor Certification Form.

  7. If the exam is to be mailed to the instructor, the completed exam is sealed in the postage-paid addressed envelope along with the Proctor Certification Form and the proctor should sign across the seal and mail the exam to the instructor. The exam must be post-marked by the designated date.

 *A local student is one that is currently residing within 60 miles of JCC.

 **Proctor Forms are found within your online course.