Featured Honors Program Student Sierra Omlin
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Featured Honors Program Student Sierra Omlin

Published: November 02, 2023

Image of Sierra Omlin
Sierra M. Omlin, Honors Program Featured Student for the Month of December 2023 

Sierra M. Omlin, Evans Mills (originally of Wenatchee, WA), is the featured Jefferson Community College (JCC) Honors Program student for the month of December 2023. 

Omlin is a childhood education major at JCC. For one of her honors options, she composed biographies on lesser-known African-Americans who have been a source of inspiration throughout history. Omlin anticipates graduating from JCC in December 2023 and transferring to Central Washington University to earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. 

The Jefferson Community College Honors Program offers students with exceptional academic skills the opportunity to receive enriched instruction within their current program of study. For the Honors Program, students select three courses within their curriculum, and enhance them as Honors Options. The option is based on a project agreed to by the student and a faculty member willing to work closely with the student to provide a unique and rewarding experience. Students also take the Honors Seminar, a unique inter-disciplinary course open only to program participants. The seminar examines a single theme each semester and features guest speakers from a variety of disciplines and often includes some sort of field experience.

Successful program participants earn a prestigious Honors Graduate designation on their academic transcript for each Honors Option course. Students demonstrating excellent academic achievement in high school or who have completed 12 credit hours of college coursework are invited to apply for admission to the Honors Program. 

For more information, visit www.sunyjefferson.edu or contact Honors Program coordinator, Dr. Joshua Canale, at jcanale@sunyjefferson.edu.   

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