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Online Registrations

Vehicle registration is free and required for East Hall residents and recommended for all JCC students.

How to Register Vehicle Online

The Vehicle Registration program works best with Firefox or Chrome browsers.  If you run into any problems email us at:

Step 1: Select Continue

Step 2: Fill in your information.  The following fields are mandatory:

Driver’s License # / Expiration Date
First Name
Last Name
City / State / Zip Code

Select 'continue'.

Step 3: Fill in all your vehicle information and then select 'continue.'

Step 4: Review all your information that you have entered.  Once you have verified that all your information is correctly entered, select 'continue' and then close out of the window.

East Hall residents can pick up there registration stickers from the reception desk in East Hall.

East Hall Visitor Pre-Registration

East Hall residents can pre-register their visitors to speed the check-in process.  Residents must first obtain permission for overnight guests through the Office of Residence Life and must still be present at the reception/security desk to sign-in their visitor.  At check-in, all visitors must present a valid photo identification card with their date of birth. 

Click on link and registration will open in new window.  Click on drop box and select JCC Safety and Security then click on register.

Step 1: Select whether you are registering one or more than one visitor

Step 2: Enter an email address where we can contact you if there is a problem with the registration form

Step 3: Enter the Visitor's information and your information

            Under Visitor’s Info the following are mandatory:

            Destination: Select “East Hall”

            First Name, Last Name, Phone Number

            Visiting Date Start and End (Times can be Estimates)

            Will they need parking?  (Applies only to guests that will be staying overnight)

            Under Resident's Info the following are mandatory:

            First Name, Last Name, Room Number and Phone Number

Step 4: Vehicle registration for overnight guests

            Enter Make, Model, Year, Color, License Plate Number, License State

Step 5:  Review your info and select 'continue'


Parking Information

Vehicle Registration

All residence hall students are required to register their vehicle with the office of Campus Safety & Security within the first two weeks of the semester. There is no cost to register vehicles and JCC recommends that all students register their vehicles.  

Vehicle registration can be completed online or a paper form is available in the Enrollment Services  (Jules Center, Building 6, 6-010), East Hall Reception Desk or the Safety & Security Office (Deans Collaborative Learning Center, Building 15, 1st floor).

Our parking lot map shows designated parking locations for students. 

Lot A:   Faculty/Staff
Lots B,C, D, E:   Students
Lot F:  East Hall Residents

Parking Regulations

All campus lots close at 11:00 p.m. and reopen at 6:00 a.m. Any violations will be subject to a fine (review Motor Vehicle Regulations).  If for some reason (such as a field trip) you need to leave your car in the parking lot overnight, complete our overnight permit form and return to the office of Campus Safety & Security in the Dulles Bldg. #3, Room 3-119.  You can also email the completed form to or call the duty officer, 315-786-2222, with your information.