SUNY Jefferson

Information for Transgender Students, Faculty & Staff

Non-discrimination Policy

Jefferson Community College’s non-discrimination policy prohibits discrimination based upon gender identity. If you believe you have been the target of discrimination due to your gender identity, contact Title IX Coordinator Kerry Young at 786-2279 or Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Students Jerilyn Fairman at 786-6542.


Jefferson Community College students, faculty, staff and visitors may use any restroom consistent with their gender identity. Individual-use, gender-inclusive, restrooms are available to any person seeking additional privacy.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Jefferson Community College has identified several single-user, gender-inclusive, lockable restrooms on-campus. Gender-inclusive restrooms are marked with signs indicating available for use by anyone and are located as follows:

Building Gender Neutral Restroom/s Number Single-User Gender-Specific Restroom/s
Lansing Administration (Bldg 1) 1-113B located near the break room All other restrooms
Guthrie Science (Bldg 2) 2-105 located between the gender-specific restrooms and the Amphitheater, Room 2-107 on the first floor  
Dulles Business (Bldg 3) 3-126 Located next to the gender-specific restrooms  
McVean Student Center (Bldg 4) 4-115 Located on the first floor near the Athletic Department Offices  
Gregor Building (Bldg 5) 5-108 Located next to the gender-specific restrooms  
Jules Center (Bldg 6) 6-018 Located near the Advising, Career, and Transfer Center  
East Hall (Bldg H) H-112A Located in the hub area of the residence hall.  

McVean Student Center Locker Rooms

Jefferson Community College students, faculty, staff and visitors may use the locker room consistent with their gender identity.  The Athletics Department has identified a single-user, gender inclusive restroom, changing room, and shower facility if any person needs additional privacy.

Campus Housing

Gender-inclusive suites and single occupancy rooms are available. If you are a transgender student who has concerns about your housing arrangements, please contact Katy Troester-Trate at 786-2450.

Community Resources

ACR Health sponsors the Q Center of Northern New York. The Q Center offers a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth (ages 13-20) and LGBTQ Young Adults (ages 23-29). For more information, please contact ACR Health.