SUNY Jefferson

Password Reset and Information for First Time Users

For First Time Users and Changing your Password

If you have never logged in to any JCC application, you must change your initial password before you will be allowed to log onto the computers on campus or to any web application.  Follow the directions on the screen to change your password and once complete, click the myJCC button. 

Your JCC username and passwords are used to access to many of the web applications available through myJCC, logging into the computers on campus, and using the wireless network.

If you do not remember your initial password, please contact the student helpdesk at (315) 786-6511.

PLEASE REMEMBER: When you change your password, you have changed your password for myJCC, Blackboard, wireless network access and the computers on campus. 

You may also want to change your password in CannonMail, in case you want to access it separately to use some of its other capabilities.

Change your password any time (or when you have forgotten it)

To change your password via the Password Reset Tool:

  • In the Login field type your username. (Your username is the first initial of your first name, your last name and the month and day of your birthday.  For example, Jane Doe, born May 6, 1986, has an ID of jdoe0506.)
  • Click the "Go" button.
  • After authentication occurs, enter the requested information on the identity verification screen.
  • Select "Change My Password" from the account activity list.
  • Enter your current JCC network password. If you have forgotten your current password, select "Can't Remember Password" underneath the input box.
  • Once you have successfully changed your password, you use this new password to log into the computers, myJCC, or BlackBoard.

NOTE: You can also change your password from a computer in the computer labs, just log in, press <ctrl><alt><delete> and click Change my Password.