Password Reset and Information for First Time Users
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Password Reset and Information for First Time Users

For First Time Users and Changing your Password

If you have never logged in to any JCC application, you must change your initial password before you will be allowed to log onto the computers on campus or to any web application.  Follow the directions on the screen to ensure you have the correct login ID and to change your password.  

Once complete, click the link to Blackboard then click the Login Here button.    You will be asked to set four security questions and an alternative form of authentication (email, phone text message or Google Authenticate.)

Your JCC username and password are used to access many of the web applications available through myJCC, logging into the computers on campus, and using the wireless network.

If you do not remember your initial password, security questions, etc or are having difficulties changing any of your information, please contact the student helpdesk at (315) 786-6511.

PLEASE REMEMBER: When you change your password, you have changed your password for myJCC (Blackboard), email (CannonMail), wireless network access and the computers on campus. 

Change your password any time (or when you have forgotten it)

To change your password via the  Reset Password Tool:

  • From the myJCC login page click Reset Password
  • Type your network ID.
  • Click the "Submit" button.
  • You will be asked to answer your Security Questions.. 
  • Click the "Submit" button.
  • You will be sent verification code to your chosen method of verification.  Type in the code and c;lick the "Submit" button
  • Type your new password (it cannot be one you have already used)
  • Retype your password
  • Click the "Submit" button
  • Once you have successfully changed your password, you will use this new password to log into the computers, email and myJCC (Blackboard).

To change your password via the Manage my Account from the myJCC Launchpad, if you are logged in to myJCC.

  •  if you are logged into myJCC and would like to change your password, your security questions, or authentication information, click Manage my Account from the Launchpad.
  • Type your password
  • This will open the Account Recover Settings window
  • Click the "Change Password" button and follow the directions
  • Click any of the tabs (Security Questions, Email Recovery, Phone Recovery, Authenticator) to change any of your settings.
  • Click the "Submit" button to accept the changes
  • Once all the information has been changed, click the "<GO TO MYJCC" button in the bottom right corner to return to myJCC.

NOTE: You can also change your password from a computer in the computer labs, just log in, press <ctrl><alt><delete> and click Change my Password.