Course Modalities
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Course Modalities

Depending on the course, you might see M, BLN, LIV, HYB, ONL, SYN, FLX, CTA, FTD, or LEW in the column labeled Campus when you look at the schedule. For all classes, please check the class schedule for class meeting dates, days, times, and locations.

Synchronous means you meet (live online or in person) on a certain day/time. Asynchronous means you log on, view materials, etc. at any time.

Campus format for classes as seen when creating class schedule

M: These classes will meet in person on the Jefferson Community College campus.

ONL:  These classes are fully online (asynchronous) using Blackboard.  While a significant portion of the class is completed at the convenience of the student, these classes start and end based on the published calendar and your instructor will have due dates for discussions, assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. Proctored exams may be required.*  

LIV: These classes will meet live (synchronously) using Zoom.  You will access Zoom through the class’ Blackboard site. Proctored exams may be required.*  

HYB:  Some class work (usually 33% - 50%) will be completed in-person on campus and the remainder will be completed either synchronously using Zoom, asynchronous via Blackboard, or some combination of the two, as determined by the instructor.

BLN: Some class work will be completed live online (synchronously) though Zoom and some will be completed asynchronously using Blackboard.  Proctored exams may be required.*

SYN: These classes are offered simultaneously in person in the classroom and live online via Zoom. Students may choose either format for each day the class meets. Whether in the classroom or on Zoom, the class is offered synchronously. Proctored exams may be required.*

FLX: These classes are offered in a combination of formats: in person in the classroom, live online (synchronous via Zoom), and online (asynchronous). Students may choose any one of these formats on any given class day. This option offers the most flexibility to meet the student’s need or preference. Proctored exams may be required.*

CTA: This is a special code used for classes that are registered for by members of the military, veterans, and some military dependents.  Students in these classes register through a military portal. These sections are NOT open for registration by the general college population.  Proctored exams may be required.*

FTD: These classes are offered on Fort Drum and to take these classes students need to have an Army issued pass to access the installation.

LEW: These classes are taught at the JCC’s Lewis County Educational Center (unless another Lewis County site is designated).

* See Proctoring Guidelines at