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Students Seeking Internships

An internship is a hired introductory position for a defined period. They can be paid or unpaid, as the main purpose is for the intern to gain experience. You typically apply for an internship during undergraduate or graduate studies in your chosen field and then work for a company for one or more months, either full-time or part-time. You might work as an intern over a summer or during a semester or quarter with your classes, all of which are opportunities provided by the LEADS Internship Program. Some internships, like those offered through the LEADS Internship Program, allow you to receive college credit upon completion.

Internships, especially those available within the LEADS Internship Program, can help you gain valuable work experience, fulfill college requirements (for certain degree programs), and give you material to add to your resume. They can introduce you to many aspects of full-time employment while allowing you to explore your interests and form your personal career goals.


Benefits of Internships

  1. Job or research experience
  2. Access to a variety of different tasks and departments
  3. Mentorship
  4. Guidance for occupational goals
  5. Professional networking
  6. Resume building
  7. Secure references and recommendations
  8. May lead to full time employment
  9. Build confidence within career field
Disney College Program, woman smiling against blue background

Disney College Program

A paid internship involving a unique living, learning, and earning experience at either Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California.

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